Is CBD Oil Really The New Miracle Cure? My Research Says It Is

Is CBD Oil Really The New Miracle Cure? My Research Says It Is

After purchasing and reviewing 14 CBD oil companies I reveal the best company giving you 20% off CBD oil 

Dear CBD Oil Enthusiast, My name is Chris Jenkins I've been a health researcher and author for the last 14 years, since quitting my job as a laboratory research coordinator. In that time the hype surrounding CBD oil has exploded. Even respected doctors like Dr Sunjay Gupta who Barack Obama wanted as his Surgeon General have endorsed CBD. I thought now would be the perfect time to delve in and find out if CBD oil works. First look at the science considering my background. And the science behind CBD seemed plausible that it could work for a range of ailments (see a list below). But they say one test is worth 1000 expert opinions. And who better to test this upon than myself. Since high school (a long time ago) I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Not as much as I once did. Though I still suffer from them on a semi-regular basis. I also suffer from severe neck pain thanks to sitting at a computer desk my entire working life.

CBD Endorsed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN

CBD Oil is simply the most exciting development currently coming out of the new thinking on Hemp and Cannabis. The new thinking that believes these substances should be cultivated, embraced, and used for their many proven health benefits. Sanjay Gupta and Cannabis oil… It’s this new thinking that made Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN do a series of documentaries and completely change his stance on medical marijuana, Cannabis, and Hemp. Dr. Gupta’s reports on CNN have been a game-changer ever since he featured CBD miracle stories in his special documentary series called “Weed” that first aired in 2013, and the world was simply astonished at the stories he profiled and the positive effects CBD Oil has shown to have on human health.

"CBD, there’s been shown, for some time now – decades – that it can have a medicinal effect, specifically… on convulsive disorders, or seizure disorders." -Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN

Quick Video Explaining The Benefits Of CBD Oil By Dr Sanjay Gupta

How Does CBD Oil Work?

We all know how Vitamin C works… and, it’s well known that Vitamin C can help boost the immune system to help your body naturally fight off colds and related ailments... Well, CBD is being shown to work in a similar fashion but proving to be many times more powerful. The main reason for this is that while Vitamin C doesn’t necessarily have a “system” of receptors throughout your body, CBD does!

The science behind why CBD oil is proving to be so effective is based on the human Endocannabinoid System. This system is part of our immune system and when it is boosted by taking Cannabinoids the body has a better ability to fight, resist, and also cure many diseases common to the human body… this goes for both common and serious ailments, and science is learning more about this all the time.

While there are fruits and vegetables that contain Cannabinoids nothing we know of is more potent with healthy Cannabinoids than CBD oil, and it seems CBD from Hemp is the most potent form.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes, Because CBD Oil from the Hemp plant does not contain illegal amounts of THC, it is legal in all 50 states. This is very important to people all over the US who are in need of CBD but can’t get it locally. In addition, legal CBD is available for home delivery without a prescription in all 50 states meaning many people don’t have to relocate to a state with legalized Medical Marijuana.

Will You Get High

No – CBD products are made entirely, and only, from purposely grown hemp plants rich in CBD that do not contain the psychoactive properties of THC. Also, another great benefit of CBD from hemp is that it is anti-psychoactive, and can counter the effects of THC.

What Ailments Does CBD Help With? 

What Dosage Is Recommended?

As a food supplement, the maximum adult daily dose is 200mg. CBD is being trialled at much higher doses for use as a medicine, but that would be under the supervision of a doctor. Although it is impossible to overdose on CBD, it is important not to exceed the maximum dose.

To start with, we recommend using CBD twice per day and taking 20mg each time. After a week, double the dose to 40mg twice per day and then increase as desired up to the maximum (or as you reach the result you want). As you get to higher doses, you may choose to take CBD three or four times per day while still not exceeding the maximum of 200mg per day.

My Personal Results (six-month test)

As I mentioned, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks since high school. And since I work a computer desk all day I can experience pretty decent pain right through my neck.

My personal experience with CBD oil has been astounding. I tend to get anxiety and panic attacks while getting to sleep at night. The lack of mental stimulation cascades into negative thoughts and feelings. And boom, I have concocted the perfect recipe for a full-blown panic attack.

Since taking CBD oil, however, I've suffered one panic attack. To my surprise, I have also slept like a baby since taking CBD oil. My wife says I fall asleep almost instantly now.

My bad neck isn't causing the anywhere near as much pain as it was. I've had only two bad neck days in the six-month test. Although I have been trying to improve my posture while sitting at my desk during this test. The effects of CBD oil for my pain relief takes about 30 minutes to kick in.

The result is I've taken 100 mg in the morning and 50 mg at night before bed (I have done this with every company). Being pain-free and not concerning myself with worry over whether I'll have a panic attack has been like a breath of fresh air. Also, the benefits with my sleep are also welcome.

The Results of Purchasing from 14 CBD Oil Suppliers

This test cost me exactly $1304.24. The companies used in this test are listed as follows in the order in which I tested them:

Healthy Hemp Oil
Bluebird Botanicals
CBD Brothers
Hemp Health Inc
Ministry Of hemp
American Hemp Oil
Green Roads
Highland Pharms
Simply Transformative
Diamond CBD
Nu Leaf Naturals
CBD Pure

I evaluated the companies on price, taste, potency, customer service (I called every company, though I didn't tell them I was reviewing them), shipping, reviews on their site, price and return policy

The Winner?

The winner was American Hemp Oil. Here's the conclusion of my evaluation on American Hemp Oil:
  1. Price: they are priced below the average and offer free shipping on every order.
  2. Taste: to my surprise, all the products of all the companies tasted about the same. I didn't try any flavored oils.
  3. Potency: they give you a third-party laboratory report with every purchase. Only three other companies do the same.
  4. Customer service: I actually spoke to the owner at American hemp oil. I asked him "why are you answering the phone?". His reply was " because looking after customers is the most important aspect of my business ".
  5. Reviews: they are the only company to have video reviews from the customers along with a lot of written reviews.
  6. Return policy: they offer a 90-day money back guarantee. No other company came close to that return policy.
FINAL WORD: It's my personal guarantee that American Hemp Oil is the best I found. Below is a coupon (coupon code: CBD20OFF) to save 20% off your order if you purchase with them. I get no kickbacks or commission from any of the companies I researched. I purchased every product and paid in full. I can promise you will not be disappointed no matter where you get your CBD oil from.

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and enjoy the benefits of CBD.

CBD Oil is simply the most exciting development currently coming out of the new thinking on Hemp and Cannabis. The new thinking that believes these substances should be cultivated, embraced, and used for their many proven health benefits.


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