Indica versus Sativa

Jeffrey Raber, who holds a PhD. in chemistry from USC, says strain names don't mean anything. He even disputes the fact that indica and sativa produce opposing effects, and he says indica is more of a depressant and sativa is more of an upper.

1) Strain names are meaningless because 95% of the time, no one truly knows what they are growing, selling and consuming. However, the variables that comprise a particular strain are structured and concealed within its DNA, providing researchers the criterion needed to establish consistent and standardized records of proof.
Mr. Raber is behind the times. Check out – CDX technology enables cannabis testing via ta smart phone attachment. The CDX “canna sensor” tests for impurities and identifies particular strains of cannabis through a class of compounds known as ‘terpenoids’

2) Mr. Raber believes there is no difference between indica and sativa. I barely have time to address this anomaly. No one with brain in his or her head would ever say such a thing. Does Raber think millions of marijuana users are mistaking the effects they feel through psychosomatics? I have pot that will pick him up like a triple espresso, I also have pot that will kick his ass and retire him to a reclining position against his will.

3) Mr. Raber says, “We took a popular name, Jack Herer, and found that most didn't even look like each other.” I say, Mr. Raber needs to speak in complete sentences. He also needs to perform standardized do more due diligence before voicing his opinion. I can hardly believe he is unaware that specific strains will vary in appearance depending on the longitude and latitude it is grown.


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