I am a medical patient not a Chef…

Being a Medical Marijuana patient we tend to see things a bit different than those who are not.  I’ve said before;  my use of cannabis used to be for shi*ts & giggles but now it’s ONLY for medicine!  A medicine that I need to live!   To make getting out of bed even an option!  Not to mention the pain relief, the anti-inflammatory benefit or how it lowers my blood pressure without pharmaceutical doctor prescribed medications, all without the side effects of such medications!!  The wonders of marijuana’s healing power totally amazes me, and has for over 40 years now! 

Again, I must admit, that first batch of cookies, the first pan of brownies that I made back in 1967 was for pure enjoyment.  As a child I explored my culinary talents in my mothers kitchen.  As a teenager I learned to cook with marijuana.  As a professional chef, it was always in the back of my mind, “I bet this would be good cooked with marijuana!” or “I can’t wait to try this with pot!”  In the ’80’s I began cooking in earnest with pot for my mother who was dieing of cancer.  Although she was a non-believer, she did allow me to medicate her with cookies, cake, brownies, or a nice meal, from time to time.  It’s only been the last 10-12 years that I’ve opened up and began correlating the many healing aspects of Medical Marijuana.

I suffer from several ailments, including diabetes, glaucoma, emphysema, chronic pain from ruptured a ruptured disc in my neck and lower back, severe carpal tunnel in both hands, torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders, gout in the knees, inflammatory rheumatism, Sydenham’s Chorea, to name a few. ALL of which benefit from Medical Marijuana.  I eat it, I rub it in, I vaporize it, I smoke it, and YES I smoke it with emphysema!  It irritates the broccoli in the lungs, thus getting them moving and allowing for easier expulsion of the thick gunk that covers the insides of the lungs.  When I can’t breathe, I will grab my one-hitter before I will grab my emergency inhaler, or nebulizer!

When you first start using Medical Marijuana in your diet, the many benefits will heal and inspire you.  You will notice ‘that pain’ is gone, the hands and knees don’t swell and hurt as much, you actually feel like getting up and out of bed in the morning, and you look forward to a productive pain free day!  Then with time, you will notice even more of the other more subtle benefits of medicating with marijuana such as an overall feeling of normalcy to name one.

I weaned myself off of 13 different doctor prescribed medications when I added marijuana into my daily diet.  Now, without Medical Marijuana, I regress back into bad health again, not as fast, but the healing benefits do reverse with time.  This means all those ailments return with a vengeance when you are out of your pharmaceuticals.  Your doctor is mad at you and you start to die, again.  Plain fact.  I know, I’ve gone through the cycle myself.  This time it was, for the most part, a controlled experiment, that got out of hand, and I ended up in the ER and hospital. I wanted to see how long I could go without daily dosing before the afflictions came back?

To the doctors at the ER I said:

“I know I’m dying, what I want to know is if there are any blood clots in my leg?”

“I know my blood pressure is at ‘stroke’ level, when I leave here, I will eat a MMBrownie, and get back on my MM!”

“NO, I don’t need your blood pressure medication; I don’t need Vicodin, I NEED Medical Marijuana!”

“I will come back next week, you can check my blood pressure, you will see it is in the normal range, and I’ll let you have a copy of my book if you’d like to see it?”

In the book I wrote and published in 2010, I say it is a learner’s guide to using MM in your diet.  I give simple tips and some quick yet delicious recipes that I’ve used for years.  I give my ‘recipe’, yet we each are different, with different needs, and levels of tolerance.  A recent batch of brownies I made was tested by friends who also rely on Medical Marijuana for productive pain free lives.  Where I needed three brownies, both friends said one brownie zapped them, and would only eat 1/2 next time.  I’ve medicated with at least one ounce of pot per month for the past seven years.  My tolerance is much higher and I have several conditions I am treating at once, where they are only treating one or two ailments so some experimentation on your part might be called for in your own personal experience.  Kind of like “seasoning to taste”. each has a different “taste” and we all experiment to find the right “taste” for us.

My book also gives my secret for stretching that ounce of pot to get its full potential.  I’ve shared this ‘recipe’ with other needy friends, and they too are amazed at how well it works.  On the other hand I have people tell me they can afford to buy whatever they need, so my ‘recipe’ is not needed.  All I can plead is that they stop throwing away their shake, and give it to a patient who can’t afford their medicine, that elderly uncle or neighbor is a great example of where to ‘recycle’!  Trust me when I tell you how hard it is to make the decision on which medication you can afford each month, and which you can go without.  Which bill gets paid or not, or when the monthly food supply fits in one grocery bag.  This recipe that I’ve used for years makes all of that less stressful!  $300 a month for medication is better than $875 for the 13 meds I dropped! I am healthier.  My body is better without all those pharmaceuticals over-riding each other (one pill makes you pee, the next won’t let you, this med is good for your lungs, but bad for your eyes, “do you want to breathe, or read a book?”  “Well Doc, I’d like to do both!”  You can read this ‘recipe’ in the introduction of my book by going to:

If you like what you see, you can buy my book using a credit card from that link, or you can send me a M.O. and I’ll mail you an autographed copy and save you a dollar or two.

I’ve been asked why I have not been pushing this book.  The original plan was to teach Medical Marijuana Cooking through dispensaries around Colorado;  sign up for the class, you get a book and learn in the kitchen with me.  A well received idea, until last November, when my local dispensaries were voted to close down, I was forced underground.  On my limited income, I moved to cut down on rent, took the money I saved, and bought books, sell the books, get more printed, and continue.  I’d love to sell you a book, just ask!  Eventually I will have a webpage with ‘PayPal’ set up to make that transaction easier for all.  Or, you can always get new recipes right here at www.MedicalMarijuana.com.

Keep it phat, don’t forget to medicate!

Fat Larry



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