Fat Larry shares with us his method of making his stash stretch for an entire month

Stretching your Stash!

We all have our favorite Restaurant and/or dish.  Mine just happens to be dishes that include cannabis culinary!  When I joked with Granny about the Toad Bars, she brought notice to the near empty medicine jars I used as props in the photo.  She and many others marvel at the fact I can stretch an ounce of medical marijuana for a full month!!  I should have gone into my method a little further for you so that you too can enjoy the savings benefit from stretching your stash! I will do that now.  It is a good system that I've used for years.  It's not for everyone, but it works for me ;0)

At the first of the month I try and start with both jars filled.  From these jars I make all the needed ingredients I think I will use in the Bitchin' Kitchen for the month, to stay healthy and alive, not to mention coming up with new ideas for medical treats.   I have been blessed with a culinary talent to create my whole life, why stop now?

I remember once, as a child at the neighborhood rec center, while everyone was playing basketball, I was creating peanut butter fudge by myself in the kitchen.  The instructor lady caught me, and soon everyone was in the kitchen eating my fudge including my mother.  They all wanted to know where I got the recipe from, they couldn't find a book, magazine or recipe anywhere?  "There wasn't one, I just made it up in my head!"   From then on I was allowed to play in the kitchen at the rec center and at home.  Something I still do today for play!

From the taller Shake Jar I make infused olive oil and salad oil, I infuse small bottles of Grand Marnier, vodka or rum, I make flour like I mentioned by grinding leaf and or shake into a flour, and if there is still enough left over I will make a alcohol tincture. 

From the Bud Jar, I vaporize for medication; saving whats left over to make my 'bud'der (the vaporized buds actually gives the green 'bud'der a nice nutty flavor, which is most excellent when cooking!), saving the marijuana when I strain the 'bud'der through cheese cloth to use again in my baking.  Even though this marijuana has been used twice, there is still THC available so I use it!  I don't throw anything away, heck I always eat the 'roach', because if you don't they will multiply!

Using this method, I am able to medicate all of my ailments throughout the month, allowing for a pain free, drug free life, I am able to enjoy the outdoors, go for walks, and even some hiking, I can swim, fish, play with the dogs, fly a kite, or just sit and watch the river flow while listening to the sounds of birds and the winds, I can play my dulcimer or take pictures without pain in my hands, or chop wood.  I can do the things I need to do to enjoy the remainder of my life pain free, and a more healthier holistic way of healing without pharmaceuticals that I can not afford to pay for, and don't want in my body counteracting and fighting with the other pharmaceuticals!  Like I mentioned earlier I stopped relying on 13 different medications when I brought medical marijuana into my diet on a regular daily dosing.  Thus allowing for more funds to purchase the healthy foods my diet also needs.  That way I can create more treats for medicating, while dancing in da Bitchin' Kitchen!  A healthy cycle that I've found keeps me around longer!  Speaking of which, here is one of those treats I came up with to share with you!

Cinnamon Pecan Pie

I)    2 farm fresh eggs
      1/2 cup flour
      1/2 cup sugar substitute
      1/4 cup brown sugar substitute
II)   3/4 cup green MM ‘Bud’der softened
      1 TBLS cider vinegar
III)  6-oz pkg cinnamon chips
      1 cup chopped pecans
      1 – 9” unbaked pie shell

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In large mixing bowl beat eggs until foamy. Blend in flour, sugars until well blended. Fold in ‘Bud’der mixing well, then stir in cinnamon chips and pecans. Pour into pie shell. Bake 50-60 minutes until golden brown, or a toothpick can be poked into center of pie and come out clean.  Let cool, slice into 12 equal pieces (12 doses of medication).

I like to place some Zoomin’ Newman Pecan Halves* around edge of pie about 40 minutes into cooking for an added touch, the recipe can be found in the Fat Larry's MM Cookbook, or by asking me for it.

Keep it phat!  Don't forget to medicate!

Fat Larry


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