How to Feed With Bio Canna Nutrients

Hey Mr. Kushman,

I just switched all my nutes to Bio-Canna as you recommended. What would you recommend Ml per gallon? Also my ppm is 200+ and pH is 7.5, would I still need micros? Thanks a lot sir, and hope I’m not pestering you. I just wanna’ spread the Veganic way throughout the valley so people have an option when they go to get their medicine.

Follow their feeding recs for the most part, download a feeding chart. As for the Bio-Vega, just go full strength from the start, and increase to 10-12ml. by late veg. Then simply add half strength(7-8ml) to the formula round 2nd week of flowering. A week later, raise to full strength of Flora(16ml). Then, a week later you can remove the Vega, and add a lil’ Phos boost with Humboldt nutes bloom 0-10-0, or natures nectar. A little soluble seaweed at 1 tsp./5gl. from mid through late flowering helps for micros. You’ll also need CaMag, General Organics is OK.

Start using the boost once you start flowering, added to the grow, then bloom all the way to the end. 5ml at first, then 10ml, then 15ml for a week or two of the heaviest flower growth. Then Back down to 10ml of boost to finish.

Also, use an enzymatic product from begining to end. Oh yeah, with a pH like that, you’re good to go. If the pH of your nutrient solution starts dropping below 5.5 you will want to adjust back up to 6.0.

Happy VEGANIC gardening!!!


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