Georgia Getting Closer to Medical Marijuana

Georgia getting closer to medical marijuana

After years without a champion in the legislature, medical marijuana patients are finally seeing supporters step forward. And they are powerful supporters. Among those in Georgia who are ready to give compassionate marijuana policy serious consideration is House Speaker David Ralston.

The Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Republican Senator Josh McKoon, is introducing his own resolution. SR 756 would create a Senate Committee to study the benefits of medical marijuana, and report its findings and recommendations by the end of the year. But several other senators do not want to wait. Led by Rep. Allen Peake, sponsors of HB 885 believe it is time to legalize medical marijuana now. “[I]f this was my child or my grandchild,” said Peake. “I'd be moving heaven and earth to get this legislation passed to provide some hope and relief to these families."

Unfortunately, HB 885 would require the medical marijuana program to be administered by research hospitals or “academic medical centers.” We already know from similar programs in other states that this will be unworkable. Please ask your legislators to support an effective medical marijuana program in Georgia based on MPP’s model bill.

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