Fat Larry’s Bud’der

‘Bud’der, gotta love ‘bud’der!

Being a chef once, I learned to love working with clarified butter, and clarified ‘bud’der is the same.  I choose not to pay attention to the reports that butter is bad for you, in three years another report states you need butter.  The same thing with coffee, one year it’s not good for you, the next you need more in your diet.  I think these reports are biased towards where the money is.  Just like I am biased from my culinary training and background.  NO I’m not French!  I did however get an offer back in the early ’80’s to do something TITANIC in the culinary world, by teaching French chefs the art of American Cuisine, no shi*t!  It was lined up that I spend 6 weeks in a French Culinary School teaching, then 6 weeks in each of two different restaurants in Paris.  Unfortunately politics got in the way. I was denied a work visa to go to France and teach.  At that time France was having allot of turmoil, they had kicked the Russian Ambassador out, students were rioting in the streets.  Therefore I was quickly denied, that or they were afraid I would show up their talent, cuz after all we are talking France, what an insult it would be for an American Chef to teach French Chefs on French soil!

Thirty years later it’s done all the time.  But, why cry over un-drunk wine?  Although I think a bit of cheese might go good with this whine, Hey?

Now daze I still clarify my butter, before making ‘bud’der, then I add the marijuana.  To clarify means to melt the butter, then ladle off the milk solids that foam up to the top during the melting.

My recipe is one pound unsalted melted and clarified butter, one cup water, one ounce marijuana, put it together and simmer for 20 minutes.  Let it cool a bit, then I strain it through cheesecloth, saving everything for later use, even the water that has separated from the ‘bud’der.  I have friends who use half the amount of marijuana per pound of butter, and friends who double the amount that I use.  It is up to what you need for relief.  I pour the strained ‘bud’der into glass pint glasses from the local BrewPub, then with a small ladle I dip out the ‘bud’der from the top, trying not to agitate the water that has separated to the bottom.  The last bit I pour into a small jar, screw on the lid, then turn it upside down in the ice box.  When it has solidified, turn it over, open up and pour off the water leaving only ‘bud’der in the jar.

Now I save the water and the cheesecloth pot, put it back in the pan and add a can of pepsi, bring it to a boil and turn off the heat.  Next day I bring it up to a simmer and add a cup of 2% milk to it and simmer.  I will blend it all up with my electric hand blender to a nice smooth texture, then refrigerate.  When I need that extra pick up, I take a nip from the bottle, and continue on.  It takes the edge off, and gives you a nice mellow body float.  This is a variation of the Bong Water recipe in my book.  I love them both.

‘Bud’der, I love ‘bud’der!   I’ve found that just a cup of hot water and a tablespoon of ‘bud’der melted in it helps me rather quickly, so if I need relief and don’t have the time to sit down and medicate properly, I do this, and it works!  I always keep a pot of water on the wood-stove so I always have hot water when needed and the added moisture helps with the static-charged-hair I seem to get from time to time.  Funny I will never notice that until I walk past a mirror or reflection and usually scare myself at the sight!

The snow is still fallin’ here, an it’s too early for P-Funk, think I need to go through that box of Mardi Gras beads, put on some Marcia Ball and get ready for a homegrown parade of sorts here, but first a mornin’ soak, before that ladies swim-class shows up early again!

Fat Larry 


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