Calcium/Magnesium Options

I finaly figured 2 alternatives to the GO cal mag, though it worked it had a few short comings and since Humbolt Nutrients changed their Humbolt Honey I was stuck with GO Cal Mag + or so I thought. It wasn't till I ran out of the GO and looked through my old boxes of nutrient samples for something that would work. one is from Cutting Edge Solutions and the other Botanicare/Organicare (not cal mag plus). I prefer the cutting edge calcium product since it's more concentrated but there is little difference between either brands Mg product and slightly so in the Ca products.

Plant Amp (10% Ca derived from OMRI calcium chloride) from CES is the Ca product and Mag Amped (1%Mg, >1%Su derived from magnesium sulfate) is the other option is Botanicare/Organicares Calplex (3% Ca derived from OMRI calcium carbonate) along with Huvega (1%Mg and probably contains sulfur, also derived from magnesium sulphate). In addition the Ca/Mg products I use separate micro nutrient products like Alg-A-Mic (high iron/high zinc liquid kelp), Eco Vie, Mineral Matrix and TM7 to keep the calcium/metals flowing properly. If your micro nutes need to be in correct preportions for proper Ca uptake. I prefer the CES but, it is pricier than the other options though the CES Plant Amp is more than 3 times the concentration of the Botanicare/Organicare Ca product. When it comes to the Mg products I buy whichever one is easiest to get since they're so similar though the botanicare/organicare Mg product is also cheaper.

I use the Plant Amp @ 10ml per gallon along with 2-3 ml per gallon of Mag Amped or Huvega, and 3ml per gallon of Bio Bizz Alg-A-Mic. I Have been trying many veganic micro nute products and seem to always like Eco Vie for its completeness but I have started incorporating the high iron/zinc kelp and really like the results. Either way I think these Ca/Mg/etc regimens are a bit more work but much more tuneable and ultimately work better so give em a try.


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