Doctors Help to Widen Medical Marijuana Access

Doctors Help to Widen Medical Marijuana Access

Last week we reported on several cases where health insurance companies were denying access to medical marijuana for many of their patients suffering from mental illness. We discussed this as a demonstration of some of the bigger obstacles to people still getting access to medical marijuana. However, that’s only one side of things. In other areas, doctors are banding together to try and expand the amount of patients they can subscribe medical marijuana for, and are trying to get health insurance companies to come along with them.

In Connecticut this week, doctors banded together to try and get 4 new conditions on the list of those that could be prescribed medical marijuana. The state panel of doctors said that those suffering from fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy, shingles and rheumatoid arthritis  should have access to medical marijuana to help reduce pain.  In their argument, they even mentioned how this would be a better alternative to Oxycontin, which is prescribed for many of these patients and continues to be linked to painkiller additions.

It’s stories like these that provide the counterweights when insurance companies decide that they’re not going to cover medical marijuana. Doctors in many states are beginning to weigh in, and are using this plant’s recent legalization as a way to avoid having to prescribe heavy painkillers that can come with harsh side-effects, and possible addictive qualities.

We will continue to report on these stories whenever they occur.


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