Woodvic Medical Care & Clinic

13653 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys California 91401 Los Angeles
13653 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys California 91401

Woodvic Medical Care & Clinic

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Pats Legacy

3419 Via Lido, #357 Newport Beach California 92663 Orange 78.4 km

CalCoOp.org invites you to join us for cooperatively cultivating marijuana for medical purposes and for assisting members in the use of marijuana as authorized under the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. If you are 18 years old or older and a “qualified patient” as defined in the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, you are eligible to join this private association. There are no membership fees or dues to join. Gift of an 1/8 to new members. Go to: http://www.CalCoOp.org

1000 Quail Street Newport Beach California 92660 Orange 78.46 km

Being arrested does not have to be a devastating experience. Ronald D. MacGregor and Randy S. Collins combined experience along with their expertise provide formidable representation in every case.

Orange County Ca Newport Beach California 92663 Orange 78.48 km
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424.209.7746 (call/text)??

E-mail cqGenetics @ gmail.com (verification/warranty)? $3 CLONE QUEEN GENETICS COLLECTIVE??
? –

FOR PROP 215 PATIENTS AND COLLECTIVES ONLY!!! We are a 100% legal NFPO operating under all?? state laws ( (California H&S 11362.5, Prop 215 & CA SB 420) we provide the State of?? California with quality genetics along with superior customer service!

Call now to order!!??

OUR most popular Verified:??

# ChemDog?? From Green House Seeds?? (OG Kush x Sour Diesel)?? ~65 days?? Description – Sativa dominate, fast-acting; provides a clear head based effect.?? Recommended for – Depression, anxiety, social interaction issues and pain relief.??

# Jack Herer?? From Sensi Seeds?? (Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze)?? ~60 days?? Description – Sativa Dominant, known for euphoric, uplifted effect; provides cerebral as?? well as full body high.?? Recommended for – Stress, pain relief, appetite stimulation, migraines.??

# Sky Walker OG?? From Dutch Passion Seeds?? ( Mazar X Blueberry ) X OG?? ~70 days?? Description – Indica dominate, known for clear mental state, and providing a sense of calm?? focus.?? Recommended for – Mental/physical relaxation, mental clarity, appetite stimulation/nausea?? relief.??

# Purple Larry OG?? From the Cali Connection Seedbank?? ( GDP x Larry x SFV )?? ~65 days?? Description – Indica dominate, very heavy full body affect, intense head high.?? Recommended for – Back pain, sleep aid.??

# Larry OG?? From the Cali Connection Seedbank?? ( Larry x SFV )?? ~65 days?? Description – Indica dominate, strong full body high with light headed affect.?? Recommended for – Mild pain relief, relaxation, appetite stimulation.??

# Platinum Bubba?? From Cut : 5th Gen @ Oaksterdam Cafe?? ( Platinum Kush x Bubba Kush x OG)?? ~ 60 days?? Description – Indica dominate, heavy body effect with mental stimulation.?? Recommended for – Mood elevation, mental and physical relaxation.??

# Diablo OG?? From Reeferman Seeds?? El Diablo (Afrika x Blueberry x Grapefruit) x OG Kush (Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)?? ~ 70 Days?? Description – Sativa dominate – Strong head high, relaxed functionality.?? Recommended for -Ocular relief (glaucoma), mood elevation, mild pain relief.?? # Querkle?? From TGA Subcool Seeds?? ( Purple Erkel x Space Queen)?? ~60 days?? Description – Full heavy body high, mood elevation, body relaxation and sleep aid.?? Recommended for – Insomnia, appetite stimulation.??

# LA Confidential?? From DNA Genetics Seeds?? ( OG LA Affie X Afghani )?? ~56 days?? Description – Indica dominate, heavy full body high, sedative/late night strain.?? Recommended for – stress relief, pain relief, insomnia.??

# DJ Shorts Blueberry?? From Delta-9 Seed Company?? True Blueberry ( Temple Flo X HTAF )?? ~56 days?? Description – Indica dominate, euphoric and relaxing, slightly sedative body high.?? Recommended for – Pain relief, insomnia.??

# Alien OG?? From Cuts @ COLORADO ALT MED; F5 Mothers started from Cali Connection Seeds?? Genetics : Tahoe OG Kush x Alien Kush (Kyle Kushman x Las Vegas Purple Kush x Alien?? Technology)?? ~70 Days?? Description -Sativa dominate, light body high with relaxation, moderate head high.?? Recommended for – Joint relief, general relaxation, muscle tension relief, migraine relief.??

# Hindu Kush?? From Sensi Seeds?? ~45 days?? Description – Indica dominate,?? Recommended for – Stress/anxiety relief, pain relief, insomnia, appetite stimulation.?? # Earth OG?? From Ghost Farms?? (Sour Diesel x OG Kush)?? ~70 days?? Description – Sativa dominate, mood elevating, cerebral high with slight body relaxation.?? Recommended for – Energy, mood elevation, anxiety/stress relief, depression, appetite?? stimulation.??

# Jupiter OG?? From Cut : 6th Gen Moms @ Apothecary 420 Dispensary?? ~70 days?? Description – Indica dominate, full body high with relaxing effect.?? Recommended for – Insomnia, pain relief, stress/anxiety.?? Mars Candy?? White Berry?? Chocolate Sour Diesel?? Sour Diesel?? Super Lemon Haze?? XXX headband OG?? Madman OG?? Green Crack?? Blue Dream?? Mars OG?? Venus OG?? MANY MORE!?? WE ALSO ADDED OUR WEEKLY TOP OG TO OUR MENU.



Support legal MMJ growers in your community! Follow us on Twitter, be our friend on?? Facebook!?? ***


2689 Sierra Hwy. Rosamond California 93560 Kern 78.74 km

661 Medical

8 North Fir Street Ventura California 93001 Ventura 79.68 km

Claudia Jensen MD Center

3972 Barranca Parkway Irvine California 92606 Orange 79.92 km

Our mission is to increase safe public access and support for non-punitive and non-coercive treatment of patients of medical marijuana. To identify and activate judicial supporters for local policy compliance, restorative justice regulations, and holistic therapeutic treatment and education.

Medical Cannabis Farmers’ Cooperative Administration is hereinafter Dba: the "Medical Cannabis Commission" and denoted as (MCC). We provide excellent services in the following areas: Medical Cannabis Physician Recommendation Fraud, Patients Civil Rights Protection (Prop 215), Mandated state registration service for every person in California engaging in the medical cultivating, processing, manufacturing, transporting, distributing, and selling of medical marijuana for use by others. We provided online one-on-one education in the following areas: Bureau of Medical Marijuana Enforcement (BMME) online educational compliance and enforcement training.

Our executive and management business affairs personnel have over two decades of combined experience in legal research and education, criminology and criminal justice, and public policy. We stand by our clients’ request for services and use our collective body of information and education to deliver a presidential level of service and commitment. We approach our business matters directly!

Our values are founded within our firm commitment to a set of business principles and ethics which has helped drive this company forward, and have earned the respect among our clients.

Our goals consist of clear objectives that include our goals, mission and strengths that are geared towards meeting the needs of our clients.

4218 Green River Rd #201 Corona California 92880 Riverside 79.92 km

We provide recommendations for new patients and renewals!

4037 phelan rd Phelan California 92371 San Bernardino 83.01 km

High Life Collective is a delivery service that provides our patients with excellent service because our patients are number one too us…So we’re ever u live call us for the best quality medical marijuana in the high desert first time patients get buy one get one free so call us today …..

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