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n35 Aurora Colorado 80014 Arapahoe
n35 Aurora Colorado 80014

We are selling just the best ,The Greatest Sativa Strains, The Greatest Indica Strains , The Greatest Hybrid Strains and the best meds . UNITS AVAILABLE. Email ( or (720) 281-9792 ? for your Order


-Lemon Kush
-Master Kush
-Bubba Kush
-K2 kush
-OG kush
-White Widow
-Sour Diesel
-Snow white,
-Blue Dream
-Jack Herer
-Mr.Nice Guy.
-black mamba,
-Super Silver Haze
-Durban Poison

n35 Aurora Colorado 80014 Arapahoe 0 km

Welcome to Marijuana Magazine Buds. We are a patient running co-op currently delivering and variety of high quality and locally sourced organic medicine. We do garden consultations and set ups so patients can become self sufficient. Marijuana is our passion. If you are truly concerned about the safety and quality of your organic medicine, talk to us. We are your local co-op& International, We are we produce kushs like; Indicas, Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, Northern Lights, Afghan Kush, Blackberry Kush, Grape Ape , Cheese, Sativas, Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Jack Herer, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Super Silver Haze, Durban Poison, Lemon Haze, Maui Waui, Hybrids, Blue Dream, White Widow, Trainwreck, OG Kush, AK-47, Headband, $100 OG, Blue Cheese. text or call at (720) 281-9792

# 211 Los Angeles California 90003 Los Angeles 6.58 km

We have several strains available

*AK-47 a.k.a Special-K …..:
*Blue Haze : …..
*Bubblegum Kush:…..
*Black Jack :……………
*Blueberry :……………
*Bonana Kush:…………
*Big Fatty:…………………
*California Orange Bud:…..
*Great White Shark :……
*Himalayan Gold :……….
*Master Kush :………….
*Night Queen:………….
*Orange Bud:…………….
*O G Kush:…………..
*Purple #1:………………
*Purple Haze:……………
*Purple Skunk:…………..
*Sour Mist:…………………
*sour Diesel:………………
*Super Haze:……………..
*White Russia:…………….
*White Widow:…………….
*White Widow X Northern Lights #5:……..
*Wonderberrry:………….Kush herbal incense,
Mr.Nice Guy.
Cloud 10,
Space herbal incense,
black mamba,
spike max,
Funky Skunk,
Sex Pot,
Bayou Blaster,
California Orange Buds,
Haiwan Buds,
Crunky Monkey,
hindu kush,
algerian herbal blend,
white window,
white rhino,
snow white,
pep spice 3,
jamaican gold budd,
OG Kush
bubba kush
master kush
purple kush
ultra kush
white widow

Text 908-280-5740
Skype (chemist-shorp)

215 SB420 San Diego California 92154 San Diego 17.94 km


Earthy Delight Association marijuana collective services are always fast and always discreet. We are fully compliant with the California Attorney General Guidelines, Proposition 215. Earthy Delight Association member based marijuana collective is formed for the mutual benefit of patient members and articles of incorporation are on file at the Secretary of the State of California. Earthy Delight Association facilitates the collaborative efforts of patient members, including the allocation of costs and revenues.

Earthy Delight Association works with marijuana farmers all over California who are members of Earthy Delight Association, who cultivate only the best medicine for our patient members. When you become a member of Earthy Delight Association you can be assured you’re going to receive the very best service and the best medical marijuana grown in the great state of California.

If you would like to become a member of Earthy Delight Association and obtain our services for medical marijuana today, please fill out our membership application. If you are having trouble filling out the application, call us and we can help you with the process. Our drivers will deliver your medical marijuana very discrete right to your home or office location. Orders are typically delivered within one hour after verification.

Earthy Delight Association services are legal under California law and 100% safe. All you need to do is follow the instructions below and you can receive your medicine today, in most cases in as little a 1 hour.

Must be located in the state of California.
Must be 21 years of age or older, with a valid California ID.
Must have a valid recommendation from a medical doctor to use medical marijuana.

333 "H" St. (Suite 6010) Chula Vista California 91910 San Diego 20.13 km

Daniel Martin Smith

551 3rd Ave. Chula Vista California 91910 San Diego 21.58 km
619.498.0706 619.498.0706

Carlos Cristobal Ruan

Medicinal Evaluations, LLC Spring Valley California 91977 San Diego 22.67 km

A Marijuana Doctor is a registered physicians located within medical marijuana states and has the ability to recommend marijuana for therapeutic relief. Each respective state has their own requirements in regards to the relationship between the marijuana doctor and the medical marijuana patient.

Marijuana Doctors 411 is currently working on creating an extensive high grade medical marijuana doctor directory for the convenience of medical marijuana patients from all over the nation. We undergo a rigorous process to only provide the most reliable trustworthy medical marijuana doctors within the United States

4153 Market St. (B-152) San Diego California 92102 San Diego 28.07 km
619.233.7334 619.233.7334

Patrick Dudley

8220 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa California 91942 San Diego 29.43 km

The Hammer Bicycle Couriers is a new collective that conducts patient to patient transactions at the comfort of our members own homes. We are a bicycle courier service primarily to the La Mesa and College areas of San Diego, as well as the greater San Diego and hope to expose the sustainability of medical marijuana delivery by bicycle couriers. As we can all see, 215 storefronts will only continue closing down due to one legal reason or another; it’s been happening for over ten years now. With that being said, it’s only safe to say that more and more medical marijuana delivery services will open to meet the demand of patients and caregivers, why not make yours one that doesn’t pollute the environment?

Check us out at

We have awesome prices for what’s on stock and provide patients with a comprehensive way to check our menu and manage their accounts online with our bitchin’ points system. We’ll even waive the deliver fee for any order over 1/8th of an ounce.

419 19th St. San Diego California 92102 San Diego 30.53 km
619.235.0010 619.235.0010

David Lawrence Baker

123 Delivery El Cajon California 92021 San Diego 31.47 km

Compliant with CA 215, SB 420 and 11362.5 of the HSC
San Diego’s East County Mom & Pop Delivery Service, providing cannabis products and holistic care to current 215 patients with a recommendation from one of California’s licensed Physicians.

~We are here to Help~

Accepting new patient members now. Please visit our website and complete the membership form for pre-verification and we will be on our way with the process for your first delivery.

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