The Holistic Clinic

Brighton Massachusetts 2135 Suffolk

One of the first and best evaluation centers in Massachusetts. Please call to make an appointment

21 School St, Suite 1 Quincy Massachusetts 2169 Middlesex 17.53 km

MedMar Medical was formed to allow patients to obtain the necessary Letter of Recommendation, in order to be able to procure a Medical Marijuana Card, based on their medical history and medical records and in consultation with our attending physician.

9 Westgate Drive Brockton Massachusetts 2301 Plymouth 30.16 km

We Deliver to you the best Medical Marijuana for your needs. To our customer we will prvide you fast service to your home. You will need to bring a doctors referral or State I.D Card. Donations of $75 and up.

1 Turks Head Place Suite 1440 / P. O. Box 1503 Providence Rhode Island 2903 Providence 61.54 km

John E. MacDonald, Inc.

127 Dorrance St. Penthouse Suite Providence Rhode Island 2903 Providence 61.64 km

Matthew T. Marin

129 Dorrance St. Attleboro Massachusetts 2703 Bristol 61.75 km

John H. Ruginski Jr.

Rhode Island Cranston Rhode Island 2910 Providence 66.86 km

Attention To All MMP Patients in Rhode Island!

We are a contemporary company specializing in providing MMP patients the services needed to grow their own top quality medicine. We have extensive knowledge in horticulture, medical marijuana, construction, and have the know-how to make sure you never run out of top-quality medicine. Many patients struggle to get things going on their own, and often have to resort to buying medicine from skeptical sources. We are here to help you with everything from start to finish.

Some services we provide are:

Planning — Design your growing area to maximize your resources with our personalized Grow Guide
Your grow space — Dimensions to Location we will help you determine the optimal grow space to fit your objectives
The right strains for you — Yield, Pest resistance, and cannabinoid levels, we have the knowledge
The right growing method – From soil to hydroponics — Scrog to LST

Construction — Close connections to all trades involved in building or refitting your area with your discretion in mind:
Optimizing your existing space
Building your room
Setting up your ventilation / lighting / temperature control
We can really do it all!

Maintenance — Knowledgeable Staff with Horticultural Degrees:
Making sure your plants stay healthy
Assist in sustaining your harvest through clones and seed propagation
Providing the cleanest, safest pest control
Mazimizing your room and set-up

Consultations — 5+ Years of experience sorting out the gimmicks from what works
Phone calls for information on the spot
In-home visits for problems that may come up
We will work with you to give you peace of mind

Harvest Assistance — Here to help you be as resourceful as possible
Time your harvest perfectly
Cutting down / manicuring your plants
We can turn your trim into concentrate or edibles! BHO to Brownies!

**We do not sell nor distribute any marijuana -not flowers, plants, clones, or seeds- **
**You MUST be properly licensed with the MMP Program of Rhode Island**

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