The Healing Canna

3692 East Bijou St. Colorado Springs Colorado 80909 El Paso
3692 East Bijou St. Colorado Springs Colorado 80909

The Healing Canna

3729 Austin Bluffs Parkway Colorado Springs Colorado 80918 El Paso 6.07 km

The Beauty of Hawai’i

Welcome to Hawaiian Herbal Health — from the islands where the palm trees sway, where the gentle trade winds are felt, and where Hula girls express their love through the graceful movements of their hands… islands where everywhere you turn, you see the vibrant hues of the anuenue (rainbow), and where many races have melted together, creating one beautiful island chain — Hawai’i!

Come feel the “spirit of Aloha” from the islands where love and family come first. Hawai’i is said to be a very magical place, so please let us share with you our magic, our Aloha, and our culture at Hawaiian Herbal Health Center.

We at Hawaiian Herbal Health Center are dedicated to sharing our Aloha with everyone around the world, welcoming everyone into our Ohana.”

Our Goal – Sharing Aloha to the World

Hawaiian Herbal Health Center was created with the idea to show the world our love and culture without even going to Hawai’i. That is when our idea became a reality. And the best part about it all is that we had all the elements needed to make this vision a success. So we carried on with our mission and brought all that we represent to the U.S. mainland. Our main purpose is to share this Aloha with all patients, especially those who have very limited time left, that may never have or had the opportunity to take a trip to Hawai’i, to feel that Aloha. We believe we are here to help educate and assist all patients in achieving a “Better Quality of Life” through the use of Natural Alternatives.

Welcome to Our Ohana (Family)

Hawaiian Herbal Health Center is a family-owned business that is dedicated to sharing our Aloha with everyone around the world and welcoming everyone into our ohana (family). We Hawaiians are well known for our deep cultural farming of pakalolo (marijuana), where everyday living is simple, where family comes first, and love is shared everyday in many ways. Respect for our elders is part of our way here on the islands, we call our male elders “uncle” and our female elders “aunty.” It is here that everyone takes care of each other, even when one family has no food, we share to make everything pono (all good).

So, welcome to Hawaiian Herbal Health Center – and welcome to our ohana!

1605 So. Tejon St. Ste. 101 Colorado Springs Colorado 80905 El Paso 6.2 km

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Here is a list of strains and more :

Lavender oil,
hemp oil,
Hawaiian Snow,
Blue Dream,
Hash oil
Grape Ape,
Purple Kush,
Snow White Feminized,
Jack the Ripper,
Silver Haze,
White Widow,
Super Lemon Haze,
Blue Cheese,
OG Kush,
Big Bud,
New York Diesel Feminized,
Grape Ape,
Sour Diesel,
Chocolate Chunk,
Outdoor Blueberry,
Northern Lights,
California Outdoor
LA Confidential,
Bubba Kush,
Medusa Feminized,
Super Skunk,
Vanilla Kush,
Juicy Fruit,
Autoflower J. Horror Fem,
Strawberry Cough,
Sour Kush,
Bubba Kush,
Super Silver Haze,
Apollo 13,
Jack Herer

All inquiries are welcomed at

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