The Farm

1644 Walnut St. Boulder Colorado 80302 Boulder
1644 Walnut St. Boulder Colorado 80302

The Farm

4155 East Jewell Ave. Denver Colorado 80222 Denver 46.88 km

Mile High Remedies, Inc.

3800 Buchtel Boulevard Denver Colorado 80210 Denver 47 km

Cannabase Connects is the first community marketplace and connection platform available for the cannabis community. Launching first in Colorado, Cannabase Connects offers a portal for MED-licensed businesses to connect over the wholesale market, be alerted when new strains hit the market, promote to individuals, and more. Individuals can sign up to create for-trade listings of their homegrown strains, access exclusive deals, create groups and events, and more.

Cannabase Connects is fully encrypted and HIPPA-compliant, making it the safest and easiest way for businesses, individuals, and Caregivers to connect, sell, grow, trade, and more.

6853 Leetsdale Dr. Denver Colorado 80224 Denver 47.04 km

Very Best Medicine

970 So. Oneida St. #17 Denver Colorado 80224 Denver 47.14 km
303.284.9075 303.284.9075

Green Around You

1479 So. Holly St. Denver Colorado 80222 Denver 47.22 km

The Clinic (on Holly)

2128 So. Albion St. Denver Colorado 80222 Denver 47.33 km

Nature’s Choice

2420 S Colorado Blvd Littleton Colorado 80129 Douglas 47.72 km

Rocky Mountain Farmacy is a marijuana dispensary located in Denver CO. There are plenty of dispensaries in Colorado but RMF is unique. We not only offer some of the best medical marijuana in Denver, we provide our patients with the highest quality medicine at the lowest possible price. Our goal is to provide safe and readily available medicines and other wellness services as a Colorado dispensary to the state of Colorado registered medical marijuana patients.

4101 East Wesley Ave. Ste. 1 Denver Colorado 80222 Denver 47.74 km

Metro Cannabis INC

4101 E. Wesley Ave Denver Colorado 80222 Denver 47.74 km

Herbal HealthSystems is a network of standalone medical offices. We DO NOT sell medicine nor are we affiliated with any MMJ Center or Caregiver/Growers. It is illegal to provide doctor recommendations and be in agreements with others to sell medicine to MMJ patients in the state of Colorado.

Herbal HealthSystems is dedicated to providing you with excellent service. From beginning to end, your experience will be simple and stress-free. Our physicians are compassionate, knowledgeable, and are experts in the field of medical marijuana. We also provide an Attorney Referral Service to help you if you should ever need it. We have Multiple Office Locations along the Front Range for your convenience. Over 2 years serving patients in Colorado has earned us an Upstanding Reputation in the medical marijuana industry.

*************Now is NOT the time to go with the "CASH ONLY low price leader" or the referral company that doesn’t have an office address. There is a significant amount riding on your decision.

For more information or to schedule an appointment visit our website

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4950 East Evans Ave. Ste. 106 Denver Colorado 80222 Denver 47.76 km

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