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1010 n 2nd ave Phoenix Arizona 85003 Maricopa 0 km

A social network dedicated to the medical marijuana program participants in Arizona. Arizona Medical Marijuana Program ID patients and caregivers can safely communicate while getting connected with the new businesses and services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson and many other AZ locations.

214 E. Roosevelt St. Phoenix Arizona 85004 Maricopa 0.56 km


The AZ Medicinal Network is a network of service oriented offices throughout the state, which process the state health department applications for the AZMMJ program. We help patients find a Dr. in their area and book an appropriate appointment after completing an interview process at our office. Patients are also matched with caregivers who can provide medication in the form or dried flowers, edibles and any other forms sought by our patients.

1434 North 26th Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85009 Maricopa 3.64 km

The Compassion First Caregiver Circle* is having PATIENT APPRECIATION DAY EVERY WEDNESDAY at both CFCC Locations! All patients are welcome to come to either one of our CFCC facilities for 1 FREE EDIBLE & 1 FREE JOINT every Wednesday! Meet with your Caregiver to check on the strains being grown for you right now & take home their latest premium harvest!

4635 North Black Canyon Suite 420 Phoenix Arizona 85015 Maricopa 6.15 km

We are Trucompassion a Patient to Patient collective for Non profit who fully Believe in Truth, care and Compassion. I am a Patient and a Survivor and advocate for Legalizing this Medicine and making it available to ALL who suffer!

14 S. 41st Place Phoenix Arizona 85034 Maricopa 7.94 km

Bloom Dispensaries, Arizona’s leading medical marijuana dispensaries. Our facilities’ style, security, variety, and professionalism have raised the standard for medical marijuana dispensaries nationwide.

At Bloom Dispensaries, we are committed to providing high quality medical marijuana to our patients. Regulated under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, we strive to help empower patients with the quality of life they deserve through compassion, professionalism, and services beyond the typical dispensary.

1747 E. MORTEN, SUITE 202 Phoenix Arizona 85020 Maricopa 10.09 km

The Phoenix, AZ criminal defense and drug crime defense lawyers at the Cates & Sargeant Law Group are fully committed to providing clients who have been charged or accused of a crime in the state of Arizona with the best possible legal defense. These Phoenix, AZ criminal attorneys have many years of successful experience handling the following types of cases: DUI defense, drug crimes, gun charges, sex crimes, white collar crimes, murder, felonies, misdemeanors, assault, domestic violence, and more. Contact for a free legal consultation if you or someone you care about have been charged with a crime anywhere in the state of Arizona.

1747 E. Morten Phoenix Arizona 85020 Maricopa 10.09 km

The Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC is located in Phoenix, AZ and was founded by criminal defense attorney, Dwane Cates. Dwane Cates and the other Phoenix criminal defense lawyers at the Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC have extensive combined successful experience handling a wide range of different practice areas, including all different types of drug crime defense cases throughout the state of Arizona. The Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC Phoenix, AZ drug crime defense lawyers are fully dedicated to providing their clients that have been charged or accused of some type of drug crime in Arizona with the best possible legal defense and representation. If you or someone you love have been charged with any type of drug crime in the state of Arizona, contact the Cates & Sargeant Law Group, PLLC for a free legal consultation with a professional criminal defense attorney.

415 W. Southern Ave Suite #101 Tempe Arizona 85282 Maricopa 14.21 km
12310 N 32nd st Phoenix Arizona 85032 Maricopa 16.6 km

Arizona Vapor Room is a Therapeutic Cannabis Social Environment committed to serving member-patient needs with the highest level of compassion and professionalism. We are committed to establishing a healthy and caring community by educating our members and the public about the benefits of therapeutic cannabis as well as offering a variety of health and wellness services that provide beneficial opportunities for our members to enrich their lives.

4809 E.Thistle Landing Drive,Ste 100 Phoenix Arizona 85044 Maricopa 18.81 km

Michael A. Urbano

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