Swamis Medical Marijuana

825 South Coast Highway Oceanside California 92054 San Diego
825 South Coast Highway Oceanside California 92054

Swamis is a non-profit North County San Diego medical marijuana dispensary and delivery service. Swamis offers an extensive menu of high quality, organic medical marijuana for all budgets. Swami Girls are friendly, prompt, professional, discrete and compassionate. Swamis is dedicated to providing members with the perfect medicine for their needs and their budget; delivering swiftly and with a smile.

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214 N. Coast Hwy Oceanside California 92054 San Diego 1.15 km

Medical Marijuana Recommendations
Caregivers Document
Limits Exemptions

Open Monday – Friday
Mon. – Wed. Noon to 6pm
Thurs. – Fri. 1pm to 6pm
Walk ins Welcome. Please call Michelle for times

215 S. 420 ST Oceanside California 92058 San Diego 1.73 km

Earthy Delight Association works with marijuana farmers all over California who are members of Earthy Delight Association, who cultivate only the best medicine for our patient members. We service the greater San Diego County, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside. When you become a member of Earthy Delight Association you can be assured you’re going to receive the very best service and the best medical marijuana grown in the great state of California.

If you would like to become a member of Earthy Delight Association and obtain our services for medical marijuana today, please fill out our membership application. If you are having trouble filling out the application, call us and we can help you with the process. Our drivers will deliver your medical marijuana very discrete right to your home or office location. Orders are typically delivered within one hour after verification.

Earthy Delight Association services are legal under California law and 100% safe. All you need to do is follow the instructions below and you can receive your medicine today, in most cases in as little a 1 hour.

Must be located in the state of California.
Must be 21 years of age or older, with a valid California ID.
Must have a valid recommendation from a medical doctor to use medical marijuana.

Becoming A Member Takes Two Minutes. Please fill out the online application.

3039 Jefferson Street Ste., F Carlsbad California 92008 San Diego 3.95 km

Green Leaf Care Clinic

PO Box 2112 Carlsbad California 92008 San Diego 7.12 km

Natures Gift Cannabis Collective – A exclusive delivery service, serving Patient-Members in the North County of San Diego. We offer Top Shelf Medications – Always 4 Gram Eighths! $60 Cap on all 4 Gram Eighths! – $5 Off 1st Delivery! $10 of Every 5th Delivery! If you reach 15 individual deliveries, you automatically become a GOLDMEMBER! This means you take $5 off any 4 Gram eighth on the menu. Once you become a Goldmember, it is for life! 🙂 – Natures Gift: Professional! – Discreet – Reliable! Give us a try! Join the collective today! 🙂

701 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 300 Carlsbad California 92011 San Diego 8.68 km

Arthur D. Hodge has twenty years of experience as a practicing civil litigation attorney throughout Southern California. After several years at mid-sized law firms, Mr. Hodge founded his solo practice based upon needs of small and mid-size businesses in both plaintiff and defense matters including tort actions, construction law, property and title litigation and landlord/tenant disputes. Mr. Hod
ge is a seasoned attorney with jury trial experience in five counties, and has also handled numerous constitutional law matters in the Central District and State court, including published 9th Circuit decision in favor of his client in a Ten Commandments establishment clause case (DiLoreto v. Sussman). Art’s current practice is focused upon medical marijuana litigation, appellate matters, landlord/tenant and general civil litigation, as he has represented dozens of non-profit collectives in litigation with their Southern California regional municipalities.

106 Copper Ave Vista California 92083 San Diego 11.84 km


Our Hours Are Listed as 10:30 to 9:30, However If You Call In Advance We Will Accommodate for before/after hour visits, or deliveries.




Home to the 4 GRAM 1/8 Mix and Match "YOUR WAY"

NEW Frequent Flyers Program(We Keep Track For You) – 10 visits = FREE space bar, and 10 eighths = FREE eighth


Master Kush
Indica: Indica dominant
Farmed: Indoor 100% organic
Genetics: Hindu Kush x Skunk
Medication: A frosty, sticky, light green with a sweet smell to it, it hit hard with an almost immediate head change, it left me clear headed and relaxed, This was a real heavy hitter.
Cal Canna Labs: 23.6% thc .2% cbd .1% cbn

LA Confidential
Indica: 100% Indica
Farmed: Indoor
Genetics:OG LA Affie x Afghan
Medication: Extremely potent and helps with chronic pain, Arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, ADD, ADHD, Osteoporosis, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS); it may also treat anxiety and stress-related disorders. .. superb for nighttime
Cal Canna Labs: 19.5% thc .2%cbd .2%cbn

Ocean Grown Kush
Indica: Indica dominant
Farmed: Indoor 100% organic
Genetics: Parts unknown
Medication: A definite Indica dominant with after one vape relaxed the body from the neck down, I found myself with a big smile on my face and feeling super happy. The smell is sweet, with a nutty, earthy taste
Cal Canna Labs: 21.7% thc .3% cbd .2% cbn

San Fernando Valley OG
Hybrid: Perfect blend of Indica & Sativa
Farmed: Indoor
Genetics: OG lineage
Medication: A lung expander that had me in deep concentration, without making me tired. The first taste has that citrus twist known by OG strains followed by slight bit of earthiness. This one gave me focus and positivity, perfect daytimer.
Cal Canna Labs: 22.9% thc .2% cbd .05% cbn

Blue Dream
Hybrid: Indica/sativa
Farmed: Indoor
Genetics:Blueberry X Haze
Medication: A well balanced hybrid that works well for pain management without the couch lock effect of a pure Indica. These chunky pieces are light green with a sweet smell, the smoke is smooth and it seems the longer I sit the higher I get; a definite creeper.
Cal Canna Labs:19.1% thc 0.2% cbd 0.1% cbn

n/a Vista California 92081 San Diego 13.12 km

Natural Life Collective is San Diego’s premier dispensary. It is a full service collective located in North County. We carry an extensive array of edibles and the highest quality extracts and medical cannabis. We pride ourselves in quality customer service as well. Members are tended to by discreet compassionate caregivers that are knowledgeable in patient care and medical needs. New patient members and vendors are welcome. Must have a current medical recommendation with valid photo id.
CA Licensed, S.B.420, Prop.215. compliant

2300 s melrose Vista California 92081 San Diego 13.16 km

Why leave the comfort of your house, deal with the traffic, and the high price of gas to go to a dispensary when you can browse our menu, call/text us with any question you may have, and we bring your meds to you! The Green Banana Stand, is The Green Banana Stand premiere medical cannabis direct-to-home delivery service. We operate under full license and compliance with Proposition 215 and CA Senate legislature. We strive to be your single direct source for safe & legal access to premium cannabis. Our sole mission is patient satisfaction. The Green Banana Stand delivery offers a quality menu ranging from premium flowers to medical/food-grade cannabis. If you wish to order, you simply need to get verified. You can call us at (760) 575-4163 and we can get you verified over the phone. We have a minimum donation of 50.00 A Few Collective Guidelines for Deliveries We will try to be flexible as possible to accommodate busy schedules and will try to make our scheduled delivery window. If something comes up and you can’t make the delivery window, please call us as soon as possible so we can re-route and re-schedule. For safety reasons drivers do not carry cash. Drivers carry only small amounts of medicine.

215 San Marcos California 92069 San Diego 18.05 km

G.S.N.A. medical marijuana delivery service is always fast and always discreet. G.S.N.A. marijuana delivery collective is formed for the mutual benefit of it’s patient members and articles of incorporation are on file at the Secretary of the State of California. G.S.N.A. merely facilitates the collaborative efforts of patient members, including the agricultural production of their doctor recommended treatment, and the allocation of costs and revenues. We do not collect donations in exchange for marijuana, but we collect a fee providing a service for our members.

G.S.N.A. provides cannabis delivery services anywhere in San Diego, cannabis delivery service in Santee, Lakeside, Bostonia, El Cajon, Winter Gardens, marijuana delivery in Granite Hills, pot delivery in Lake Jennings, Alpine weed delivery service, Spring Valley. If you need a marijuana delivery service that will cater to your needs, then contact us today and become a member.

G.S.N.A. has cannabis farmer members from all over San Diego, California, who cultivate only the best medicine for our patient members. When you become a member of G.S.N.A. you can be assured you’re going to receive the very best service and the best medical marijuana grown in the great state of California.

Because our farmer members cultivate cannabis exclusively for G.S.N.A. members, G.S.N.A. is able to provide medicinal cannabis directly at compassionate and affordable service fees.

1030 # 14, 15th Street San Diego California 92154 San Diego 18.39 km

FRESH ORGANIC SOIL GROWN MEDS DANK – FROSTY – TOP SHELF . Check back often for current menu  NEW BUDS & TONS of AMAZING EDIBLES  NEW SUPER SILVER HAZE- Sativa/Indica :::SUPER POTENT::: Frosty and very smooth candy like smoke. Super sticky, the scent is very sharp with a hint of spice, and the effect is just incredible. Super potent Sativa body high, almost feels like an Indica due to the heavy stone. Great social strain! 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  NEW SUPER LEMON HAZE – Sativa Very strong Haze/pine scent with overpowering lemon undertones. These nugs are as sweet as pie like lemon heads candy, all covered in amber crystals. Crystal clear head buzz, crisp and clean. Very heady with a slight boost of energy. A very nice way to start the day. 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  NEW BANANA KUSH – Indica/Sativa :::STICKY::: Unmistakeable spice of Kush, mixed with fragrant banana, ending with a hint of candy-like sweetness. Sweet, sparkly crystals surround this sticky beauty. This amazing strain offers a sweet, mellow high that will leave you feeling a very nice all-over body stone. 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  NEW KRYPTONITE OG KUSH – Indica Super dank, really sticky, pungent Kush scent with a hint of Skunk. Nice, smooth, menthol with resin aftertaste. Tasty nugs that are just dripping with THC. Strong, heavy Indica buzz. Couch lock. 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  3RD EYE – Sativa/Indica 3rd Eye -Robust and pleasant with hints of spice and fruity undertones, like fruit punch, and a subtle taste of pine/herb. Energetic, creative, psychedelic, powerful buzz. 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  BLUE DREAM – Sativa/Indica :::POPULAR::: Blue Dream -The taste and aroma are very fruity, with the signature blueberry taste. This variety produces a notable and pleasantly euphoric experience of top quality, and the buzz lasts a long time. This strain is incredible. Great body/head high. A sensation similar to floating with a very serene and peaceful high. 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  BLACKBERRY KUSH – Indica/Sativa Blackberry Kush – Tastes like grape jam, awesome strain. It looks, smells and tastes exquisite.This is a type of medical marijuana for someone who is looking for a real couch lock effect, whether it is for sleeping or for pain relief. 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  GRAND DADDY PURPS – Indica Grand Daddy Purps – Undeniable grape taste with piney undertones, tastes like a potpourri of roasted berries, that lingers subtly on the tongue. Enduring, smooth even feeling throughout. An alert and energetic buzz, melting into a relaxed feeling. 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  SENSIE STAR – Indica Sensi Star – Burst of fresh lemon zest, rich and earthy, nice head high as well as body stone, that takes one to a relaxed state, with euphoric and vibrant sensations. THC levels have been reported at 20 percent for this variety, making her a one-hitter quitter. CBD has been measured at .9 percent. 1/8 (3.5 grm) $60 1/4 (7 grm) $115 1/2 (14 grm) $230 1 Oz. $420 Call 760-230-8027  PURE HASH – Donation $30 Gram $30 Gram Call 760-230-8027  CLONES As of Mid June Kannabis Meds will be offering High Grade A+ clones of varying strains to meet the medicinal needs of all our patients. Inventory of our standard strains may fluctuate but we assure our patients that we can meet their needs. For existing patients Special Orders can be made in advance by the patient in order to insure their strain(s) of choice and quantity is available at the a time they need them. Give us a call we’ll work it out.” Green Crack Larry/Lemon OG GDP GDPxMaster Kush The Purps Purple Kush Black Berry OGxMaster Kush…legendary PRICE: $10-$15 UPDATING OUR WEBSITE – STRAINS COMING SOON: GRAPE APE HOGS BREATH WHITE RHINO x OG BUBBLE GUM WHITE WIDOW x NY DIESEL OG MASTER KUSH OG OG WHITE WIDOW VALDEZ AK 47 TANGERINE KUSH SOUR BUBBLE LIFESAVER BOGGLE SKYWALKER SKUNK#1 CALI ORANGE BUD NORTHERN LIGHTS ICE DIABLO CHEM DOG WHITE WIDOW MAX OG MASTER KUSH

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