Southern Colorado Medical Marijuana

3410 N. Prospect Street Colorado Springs Colorado 80907 El Paso
3410 N. Prospect Street Colorado Springs Colorado 80907

The secret is out !
Southern Colorado Medical Marijuana
2815 N El Paso Suite D
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
We’re a little different, but our patients say we’re a LOT better.
Vacuum sealed 1/4’s for $55, 1/2’s for $99, or full ounces for only $198!

We grow all of your meds in our on site garden, so you can be assured of
the quality, cleanliness, potency, and freshness you deserve.


MEMBERS RECEIVE $25 coupon EVERY MONTH toward purchase of your meds !

What is your current dispensary giving you ???

Stop by for a visit, you won’t be disappointed !

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2042 Arpahoe Street Denver Colorado 80205 Denver 99.15 km

Budding Health

2059 Bryany Street Denver Colorado 80211 Denver 99.19 km

Cannabis Medical Technology

2059 Bryant St. Denver Colorado 80211 Denver 99.19 km

Total Health Concepts

2059 Bryant St. Denver Colorado 80201 Denver 99.19 km

Total Health Concepts (MMJ Center)

1730 Blake Street Denver Colorado 80202 Denver 99.2 km

Our center is located at 1730 Blake Street, between Coor’s Field and the 16th Street Mall.Our highly knowledgeable staff is strongly dedicated to helping MMJ patients receive the best quality and care that is available to them.

1730 Blake Street, Suite 420 Denver Colorado 80202 Denver 99.24 km

A professional and discreet location for your medical marijuana needs. Our staff is highly knowledgeable on the laws and effect of the medicine and other products we sell. We are on the fourth floor of 1730 Blake street, suite 420. Look for intersection 17th & Blake, or if you have trouble give us a call.

1730 Blake St. Ste. 420 Denver Colorado 80202 Denver 99.24 km

Located just two blocks south of Coors Field at Blake. Suite 420 in the same building as Concentra & Faction Media. 1730 Blake St. Ste.420 Denver, CO 80222

2257 Curtis St. Denver Colorado 80205 Denver 99.28 km


820 Pearl Street, Sre., H Denver Colorado 80202 Denver 99.31 km

Jurdem, LLC

2403 Champa St Denver Colorado 80205 Denver 99.31 km

Our mission is to provide medicine that is of the highest quality. Our scientific approach to growing really shows in our product. We focus on not just the flowers of the plant, but the root system and natural microbes in the growing medium. When you take care of all the important systems that make up the plant, you can get the best quality flowers (buds) to treat your ailments.

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