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2224 Reed Ave San Diego California 92109 San Diego
2224 Reed Ave San Diego California 92109

(2) 4.0g 8ths of TOP QUALITY Meds!
(3) Open 8am-11pm Daily+ FREE & QUICK delivery!
(4) Choose your meds on the spot! We’ll bring choices 🙂
(5) Free gift to any patient who leaves us a Voicemail !!
Thank you, we don’t want to miss you.

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4295 Gesner St. (1B) San Diego California 92117 San Diego 2.42 km


841 G Turquoise St. San Diego California 92109 San Diego 3.04 km

Welcome To Top Shelf Collective, Inc.
****We have made it easy for YOU to order your medicine online. Simply click on our "New Patient Text/Call @ +1323-577-4159" and become a Collective Member as a legal California Medical Marijuana Patient.
****All First Time Patients MUST place their First order to their home or business. ONLY EXCEPTION is FIRST TIME PATIENTS whom live in weekly or monthly Hotels or Motels. You must have your California I.D. and your original, embossed Doctor’s recommendation available for our Mobile BudTender to verify and take a picture for YOUR hard copy, Collective File. The TOpShelf Collective Express Mobile U.S, cover all Southern California at the moment. Due to great demand we will soon be offering Next Day Service to all cities located within the State of California.

6641 Tyrian St La Jolla California 92037 San Diego 5.58 km

We are passionate about vaporizers and the benefits of medical marijuana. We review vaporizers for performance and value, to bring real information to the end user.
We advocate for the scientific defensibility of medical marijuana, responsible use and safe access.
#1 Volcano Vaporizer Reviews & Medical Marijuana Blog

6529 La Jolla Blvd La Jolla California 92037 San Diego 5.59 km

We blend our horticultural background of cultivating medicinal plants with ancient extraction techniques and create a superior medical cannabis oil. Our products are extracted with 100% food grade solvents.
Cannabolt offers to products. Cannagoo; the cancer killing concentrated THC essential oil, also known as RSO or Phoenix Tears.
MaryJane’s Magick Cannabalm; a topical ediable coconut oil based CBD balm. Works with releaving everything from muscle pain to all skin issues as well as a great cooking oil and just to make it fun~it’s a edible lube.

7770 Vickers St. San Diego California 92111 San Diego 7.61 km

Prop 205 and SB 420 compliant. Compassionate, friendly, discreet and knowledgeable.

1233 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 275 San Diego California 92108 San Diego 7.91 km

San Diego Medical Collective

4452 Park Blvd. Ste., 314 San Diego California 92116 San Diego 8.84 km

Dr. Nahidi

4452 Park Blvd. Ste., 314 San Diego California 92116 San Diego 8.84 km

Alternative Care Clinics

4452 Park Blvd. Suite 314, San Diego CA 92116 San Diego California 92116 San Diego 8.84 km

Phone: 866-420-7215



Hours: Call for available appointments and walk-in hours.

Promotions: New patients receive a free I.D. card. Discounts available for Veterans, Medi-Cal, Medi-Care, SSI and low/fixed income.

At Alternative Care Clinics patients can be evaluated to see if medical marijuana can benefit their condition in a safe, confidential and professional environment. We also provide law enforcement and co-ops with reliable and consistent verification of patients. We are HIPAA compliant and protect patient privacy at all times. We are dedicated to providing our community of patients with resources, support and compassion. At ACC we are proud to say “we make a difference in California.”

The law in California states that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes. Marijuana can be used in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraines, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief. At Alternative Care Clinics we believe in serving our patients in a safe, comfortable, and professional environment. Patients can be evaluated by a reliable, qualified and compassionate California licensed physician to see if medical marijuana is right for them. Our goal is to provide patients with access to alternative therapies and accurate information regarding medical marijuana. Find Out More.
At Alternative Care Clinics we believe in serving the doctors and their patients in a safe, comfortable, and professional environment. Patients can be evaluated by a reliable, qualified and compassionate California licensed physician.

Each clinic is centrally located and all of the clinics are wheelchair accessible. The clinics encompass a holistic feel, balanced with a professional and comfortable environment. You will find ample parking conveniently located close to all of the clinics.

Fee for the Clinic
Please call us for the current evaluation rate. We accept cash or credit (VISA, MC and Discover). The physician’s fee for the clinic is valid for one year of service with the doctor. This means if you need a follow up appointment, there will be no extra charge to you for up to one year. Payment can be made in cash, credit or debit cards. Full payment is collected at the time of the visit.

Arriving at the Clinic
After arriving at the clinic, a well-trained and friendly clinic manager will greet you and have you start on your patient intake forms. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the paperwork. You will also receive a patient information packet filled with practical information about the laws concerning medical marijuana, as well as patient resources that you may find helpful. The packet is designed to educate patients and have you leaving the clinic as prepared as possible. After you complete the paperwork, you will consult with the physician about your medical history.

During an evaluation the physician evaluates a patient’s medical condition, reviews the patient’s medical records, discusses alternative treatment plans, and explains the effects and benefits of medical marijuana. You and the doctor will develop a plan for your use of cannabis. In some cases the physician may refer you to another doctor for an additional diagnosis or opinion. Please discuss your medical condition and address any medical questions you have with the physician.

Letter of Recommendation
If you qualify, you will be issued a letter of recommendation from the physician. This will be your proof that you are now a legal cannabis patient in California. You will be able to exercise all of the rights under Prop 215 and SB 420. As long as you act within the guidelines of the state law you will be able to consume, carry and grow cannabis legally in California. You will be able to legally integrate medical marijuana into your treatment plan. Your recommendation will be signed by the physician and embossed. We will give the patient their original letter of recommendation. If you lose your original we can supply you with a replacement for an additional service charge.

Please note that the physician has appointed ACC as the custodians of records and that ACC will have a copy of your paperwork. We value and protect the privacy of our patients and their records. We will not release your records to anyone, unless you come into our office and request a release of records.

We DO NOT report or turn in any lists to any agency state or federal agency. Patient’s records are strictly confidential. We strive to make this experience as comfortable and informative as possible for the patients.

We make a difference one patient at a time.

4452 Park Blvd San Diego California 92116 San Diego 8.84 km

Alternative Care Clinics

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