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My name is Robin McGee, and if I would have known then what I know now maybe my grandmothers illness of Alzheimer’s wouldn’t be in such decline.
Although it’s too late for any edible to help grandmas declining memory, she has been the inspiration behind Robin’s Oven Mitt.
Coming from the heart of Texas, she {grandma} was the best baker I knew. I can vividly recall my grandmother having a dining table full of cakes, sweet potato pies, pecan pies, and teacakes for every holiday and days in between the holidays when I was a little girl. She forgets I’m her grand-daughter from time to time. I always tell her “it’s okay Grandma, that’s why I’m here to remember for you”.
Following a few of my favorite recipes from grandma, along with a few of my own ideas, and of course the added cannabis, Robin’s Oven Mitt is created to bring a southern flavor to the taste buds of Washington’s cannabis community.
I look forward to expanding our menu with continued growth and to serve patients across this beautiful state. And remember; one edible a day can keep the aggression away – one love

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We take pride in being the first cannabis bakery to introduce a menu of mini pies; perfect size for one person. Our ‘Southern Chocolate Pecan Pies’ made with Wild Turkey Bourbon 101 led the way into the hearts of dispensaries, with the Southern Sweet Potato Pie arriving thereafter. We are dedicated and excited to provide you these delicious desserts made from scratch; Reminding you of your childhood, while providing potent medicinal attributes at the same time.

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