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1157 Hilltop dr Redding California 96003 Shasta
1157 Hilltop dr Redding California 96003

We are a medicinal cannabis collective we provide resources for all of your cannabis needs.

1157 Hilltop dr Redding California 96003 Shasta 0 km

We are a medicinal cannabis collective we provide resources for all of your cannabis needs.

1133 Pineland dr Redding California 96002 Shasta 1.35 km

After years of growing and paying 1000’s of dollars in containers and knowing i could do better for cheaper this is the end result,

mistletoe ct Redding California 96002 Shasta 1.63 km

Magic Pots are made of a chemically inert, porous fabric that allows air and water to pass through the roots without drowning them. This allows roots to grow without circling (girdling) and choking the plant so your plant can grow larger in its pot without repotting. Instead, when the roots reach the container wall, they send out new roots, resulting in a healthier root structure.
Plastic containers don’t allow the water to evaporate as easily as Magic Pots, so it’s easy to overwater, causing the roots to rot.
Magic Pots can withstand frost without cracking, so if your plant can withstand a frost, so can your Magic Pot.

1416 West Street Redding California 96001 Shasta 3.64 km

John M Kucera

1900 Gold Street Redding California 96001 Shasta 3.65 km

Joe Gazzigli

1522 Charles Drive Redding California 96003 Shasta 4.61 km

Denney & Sullivan MD’s

5000 Bechelli Ln Redding California 96002 Shasta 5.81 km

For over 20 years Eric Alan Berg & Associates, Inc. of Northern California, have provided clients with powerful representation coupled with sincere concern for the welfare of their families. We provide legal services that help you for a lifetime by protecting your rights and values, while leading you through difficult legal situations.

Our business is protecting you and your family with the best possible legal representation. Your crisis is our crisis. We fight hard for you. We have experienced and highly qualified attorneys and support staff who specialize in criminal defense, divorce, family law, bankruptcy, and personal injury cases. We also have a full investigative team.

Berg & Associates is small enough to provide personalized services, yet is large enough to guarantee a spirited in-depth defense fully protecting your rights.

We have an exceptionally dedicated team that will provide you with the best service possible in all of the following areas:

Criminal Defense
Divorce/Family Law
Personal Injuries
Investigative Services
Education and Special Education Law
Juvenile Defense Law

5000 Bechlli Lane. Suite 202 Redding California 96002 Shasta 5.83 km

Eric Allen Berg

1550 Locust Avenue Shasta Lake California 96019 Shasta 10.12 km

530 Collective

625 So. Mt. Shasta Blvd Anderson California 960067 Shasta 16.26 km

The Green Heart Collective

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