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Auburn Way North Auburn Washington 98092 King
Auburn Way North Auburn Washington 98092

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Are you overwhelmed by all the Seattle dispensaries that claim they offer the best prices and quality service? We take our professional and clients very seriously. We’re dedicated to not only offering convenient prices, but convenient 24 hour delivery service.

We abide by the Washington State Medical Cannabis laws

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401 Broadway Suite 208 Tacoma Washington 98402 Pierce 21.42 km

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401 Broadway Suite 208 Tacoma Washington 98402 Pierce 21.42 km

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3716 Pacific Ave. Suite E Tacoma Washington 98418 Pierce 21.53 km

Scott Havsy MD

1215 Earnest South Brazil St. Suite 34 Tacoma Washington 98415 Pierce 21.74 km

CannaPath Medical

1008 So. Yakima Ave. Suite 302 Tacoma Washington 98405 Pierce 21.86 km

Zenon P. Olbertz

901 So. "I" Street Suite 201 Tacoma Washington 98405 Pierce 21.94 km

Leslie Tolzin

6332 Pacific Ave Tacoma Washington 98408 Pierce 22.43 km

We are a Delivery Service Dispensary offering Fast, professional, High Quality Meds at most Affordable prices, and we deliver them directly to your door! We also offer YUMMY edibles! WE ARE OPEN 7DAYS A WEEK! 10AM-10PM, IF YOU CALL AT 9:59, WE WLL DELIVER!! CALL NOW! (253) 363-9070 Delivery 1 hr or less! *FREE deliveries for Disabled/Handicapped, Veterans and with a Minimum Donation SALES TAX: sales tax included for your convenience. New Medication Daily Roll Up Deliveries is a nonprofit mutual benefits corporation. Our mission is the delivery of quality medicine to patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and other serious illnesses, many of whom are non-ambulatory or have no access to transportation. Collective effort between caregivers and medical patients with a proper doctor recommendation. Offering quick and secure access to neighboring areas. MUST HAVE VALID IDENTIFICATION AND PHYSICAL DOCTORS RECOMMENDATION. ALL DOCUMENTS WILL BE CHECKED. IN COMPLIANCE WITH Chapter 69.51a RCW

Delivery Service Tacoma Washington 98466 Pierce 23.37 km

All Things Cannabis

Delivery Service Tacoma Washington 98408 Pierce 23.37 km

Clloud Nine Cares

17512 66Th Ave Ct E Puyallup Washington 98375 Pierce 24.24 km

We are here to provide you alternative medical options and solutions. I hope through this page you see how driven & passionate we are, to provide each and every patent the proper alternatives they need.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our business page. We are very excited about helping you with your needs… However our collective garden formed for the good of our members and we operate in strict compliance with RCW 69.51(A)

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