Mile High Wellness

3525 S, Tamarac Drive, Ste. 110 Denver Colorado 80237 Denver
3525 S, Tamarac Drive, Ste. 110 Denver Colorado 80237
720.382.8516 720.382.8516

Mile High Wellness

1089 13th St. Boulder Colorado 80302 Boulder 50.93 km


4450 Arapahoe Ave, Suite100 Boulder Colorado 80303 Boulder 51.31 km

Colorado Medical Marijuana LLC

3000 Center Green Dr., Suite 130 Boulder Colorado 80301 Boulder 51.36 km

FAM offers a wide range of effective alternative treatments for the whole body, mind and spirit. MMJ evaluations, massage, acupuncture, a well-known Naturopathic Doctor, respiratory healing, women’s wellness and more!

1733 Canyon Blvd. Boulder Colorado 80302 Boulder 51.6 km

Marc Milavitz

2034 Pearl St. #102 Boulder Colorado 80302 Boulder 51.64 km

The Greenest Green

1644 Walnut St. Boulder Colorado 80302 Boulder 51.71 km

The Farm

1712 Pearl St. Boulder Colorado 80302 Boulder 51.8 km

Jon N. Banashek

1942 Broadway #314 Boulder Colorado 80302 Boulder 52.21 km

Lenny handles most criminal defense in state courts. Much of his experience and practice is driving related, and involves drug defense cases of ALL types. THC study and experience is extensive, and Lenny is frequently turned to as an expert in this field. He is currently studying human impairment, and how to measure it using an iPhone app. CheckPlusBalance is coming soon! Life member NORML Legal Committee, Life Member Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, author, lecturer nationally and statewide to lawyers and civilians.

2850 Iris Ave. Ste. North Boulder Colorado 80301 Boulder 52.43 km

Colorado Care Inc.

2500 Broadway Boulder Colorado 80304 Boulder 52.62 km

The Bud

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