Michael I. Littman

105 West "F" Street (4th floor) San Diego California 92101 San Diego
105 West "F" Street (4th floor) San Diego California 92101
866.767.1476 866.767.1476

Michael I. Littman

3536 Adams Ave San Diego California 92116 San Diego 7.13 km

Artist Cathy Lee is a professional full time oil painter who specializes in marijuana-related oil paintings. With over 20 years of experience and two years of business, MisunArt.com provides the following products and services: custom oil paintings, signed art prints, wholesale/ retail merchandise, concept design, large scale murals, and art consultation.

4295 Gesner St. (1B) San Diego California 92117 San Diego 9.38 km


551 3rd Ave. Chula Vista California 91910 San Diego 10.45 km
619.498.0706 619.498.0706

Carlos Cristobal Ruan

2224 Reed Ave San Diego California 92109 San Diego 11.18 km

(2) 4.0g 8ths of TOP QUALITY Meds!
(3) Open 8am-11pm Daily+ FREE & QUICK delivery!
(4) Choose your meds on the spot! We’ll bring choices đŸ™‚
(5) Free gift to any patient who leaves us a Voicemail !!
Thank you, we don’t want to miss you.

5512 College Ave San Diego California 92111 San Diego 11.81 km

DSG Meds is the premier MMJ delivery service in San Diego and surrounding areas. It has an extensive selection of medication and is committed to customer service.

333 "H" St. (Suite 6010) Chula Vista California 91910 San Diego 11.94 km

Daniel Martin Smith

7770 Vickers St. San Diego California 92111 San Diego 12.81 km

Prop 205 and SB 420 compliant. Compassionate, friendly, discreet and knowledgeable.

841 G Turquoise St. San Diego California 92109 San Diego 13.73 km

Welcome To Top Shelf Collective, Inc.
****We have made it easy for YOU to order your medicine online. Simply click on our "New Patient Text/Call @ +1323-577-4159" and become a Collective Member as a legal California Medical Marijuana Patient.
****All First Time Patients MUST place their First order to their home or business. ONLY EXCEPTION is FIRST TIME PATIENTS whom live in weekly or monthly Hotels or Motels. You must have your California I.D. and your original, embossed Doctor’s recommendation available for our Mobile BudTender to verify and take a picture for YOUR hard copy, Collective File. The TOpShelf Collective Express Mobile U.S, cover all Southern California at the moment. Due to great demand we will soon be offering Next Day Service to all cities located within the State of California.

8220 La Mesa Blvd. La Mesa California 91942 San Diego 14.59 km

The Hammer Bicycle Couriers is a new collective that conducts patient to patient transactions at the comfort of our members own homes. We are a bicycle courier service primarily to the La Mesa and College areas of San Diego, as well as the greater San Diego and hope to expose the sustainability of medical marijuana delivery by bicycle couriers. As we can all see, 215 storefronts will only continue closing down due to one legal reason or another; it’s been happening for over ten years now. With that being said, it’s only safe to say that more and more medical marijuana delivery services will open to meet the demand of patients and caregivers, why not make yours one that doesn’t pollute the environment?

Check us out at http://www.DeliverTheHammer.com

We have awesome prices for what’s on stock and provide patients with a comprehensive way to check our menu and manage their accounts online with our bitchin’ points system. We’ll even waive the deliver fee for any order over 1/8th of an ounce.

Jackson dr and Navajo San Diego California 92119 San Diego 14.94 km

Welcome to San Diego Biggest Little City, Southern California’s premier delivery service. At SDBLC, patient’s needs are our priority. We provide a highly professional and discrete means for our members to obtain the highest quality medication. We also offer FREE delivery for a minimum donation. All services are for verified members only! San Diego Biggest Little City operates in strict accordance with California Prop. 215.

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