Kind Love

4380 E Alameda Ave Denver Colorado 80246 Denver
4380 E Alameda Ave Denver Colorado 80246

Who We Are:

What We Do:

Kind Love is a medical marijuana center that supplies medical marijuana to all the cardholding patients of Colorado. Our team of trained and qualified staff provides people individual consultation sessions to determine the most suitable strain of medical marijuana (Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid) as well as the best mode of intake based on the medical problem and the case history. Apart from personalized care and attention, the staff members are knowledgeable and are well aware of the licensing process and the laws governing medical marijuana in Colorado. High level security combined with a discreet, and friendly environment ensures that both patient privacy as well as safety is maintained at the dispensary at all times. Kind Love also has a notary who ensures the completion of all the paperwork associated with the process and can also be consulted to process additional forms.

This eco-friendly and socially responsible company supplies different types and strains of high quality medical marijuana, immature plants from their local grow-houses, accessories like smoking devices and vaporizers, muscle and pain relieving oils, lotions and salves, immature plants, books and DVDs on cannabis, strain specific hash concentrates like hash oil, earwax hash, full melt bubble hash, caviar and keif, and sweet and savory medicated edibles and beverages. Kind Love is 100% ADA accessible with parking available through the Homestead Suites Hotel off of Leetsdale Drive. “Our focus has always been on our patients and understanding their needs and requirements the best that we can,” says a representative of the company, “We strongly believe that it is extremely important to ensure both patient trust and comfort at all costs to run a successful business.” Kind Love family run full service dispensary offers a repertoire of products and services that are primarily geared toward meeting the medical needs and requirements of all patients in an intelligent and focused way.

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