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2217 4th St Ontario California 91764 San Bernardino
2217 4th St Ontario California 91764

I Love Pot Inc has a full line of clothing and accessories for men and women. We have t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, hats, beanies, bikinis and a lot more. You can see our full line at http://www.ilovepotinc.com

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So. Cali Rancho Cucamonga California 91730 San Bernardino 2.74 km

424.209.7746 (call/text)??

E-mail cqGenetics @ gmail.com (verification/warranty)? $3 CLONE QUEEN GENETICS COLLECTIVE??
? –

FOR PROP 215 PATIENTS AND COLLECTIVES ONLY!!! We are a 100% legal NFPO operating under all?? state laws ( (California H&S 11362.5, Prop 215 & CA SB 420) we provide the State of?? California with quality genetics along with superior customer service!

Call now to order!!??

OUR most popular Verified:??

# ChemDog?? From Green House Seeds?? (OG Kush x Sour Diesel)?? ~65 days?? Description – Sativa dominate, fast-acting; provides a clear head based effect.?? Recommended for – Depression, anxiety, social interaction issues and pain relief.??

# Jack Herer?? From Sensi Seeds?? (Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze)?? ~60 days?? Description – Sativa Dominant, known for euphoric, uplifted effect; provides cerebral as?? well as full body high.?? Recommended for – Stress, pain relief, appetite stimulation, migraines.??

# Sky Walker OG?? From Dutch Passion Seeds?? ( Mazar X Blueberry ) X OG?? ~70 days?? Description – Indica dominate, known for clear mental state, and providing a sense of calm?? focus.?? Recommended for – Mental/physical relaxation, mental clarity, appetite stimulation/nausea?? relief.??

# Purple Larry OG?? From the Cali Connection Seedbank?? ( GDP x Larry x SFV )?? ~65 days?? Description – Indica dominate, very heavy full body affect, intense head high.?? Recommended for – Back pain, sleep aid.??

# Larry OG?? From the Cali Connection Seedbank?? ( Larry x SFV )?? ~65 days?? Description – Indica dominate, strong full body high with light headed affect.?? Recommended for – Mild pain relief, relaxation, appetite stimulation.??

# Platinum Bubba?? From Cut : 5th Gen @ Oaksterdam Cafe?? ( Platinum Kush x Bubba Kush x OG)?? ~ 60 days?? Description – Indica dominate, heavy body effect with mental stimulation.?? Recommended for – Mood elevation, mental and physical relaxation.??

# Diablo OG?? From Reeferman Seeds?? El Diablo (Afrika x Blueberry x Grapefruit) x OG Kush (Chemdawg x (Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)?? ~ 70 Days?? Description – Sativa dominate – Strong head high, relaxed functionality.?? Recommended for -Ocular relief (glaucoma), mood elevation, mild pain relief.?? # Querkle?? From TGA Subcool Seeds?? ( Purple Erkel x Space Queen)?? ~60 days?? Description – Full heavy body high, mood elevation, body relaxation and sleep aid.?? Recommended for – Insomnia, appetite stimulation.??

# LA Confidential?? From DNA Genetics Seeds?? ( OG LA Affie X Afghani )?? ~56 days?? Description – Indica dominate, heavy full body high, sedative/late night strain.?? Recommended for – stress relief, pain relief, insomnia.??

# DJ Shorts Blueberry?? From Delta-9 Seed Company?? True Blueberry ( Temple Flo X HTAF )?? ~56 days?? Description – Indica dominate, euphoric and relaxing, slightly sedative body high.?? Recommended for – Pain relief, insomnia.??

# Alien OG?? From Cuts @ COLORADO ALT MED; F5 Mothers started from Cali Connection Seeds?? Genetics : Tahoe OG Kush x Alien Kush (Kyle Kushman x Las Vegas Purple Kush x Alien?? Technology)?? ~70 Days?? Description -Sativa dominate, light body high with relaxation, moderate head high.?? Recommended for – Joint relief, general relaxation, muscle tension relief, migraine relief.??

# Hindu Kush?? From Sensi Seeds?? ~45 days?? Description – Indica dominate,?? Recommended for – Stress/anxiety relief, pain relief, insomnia, appetite stimulation.?? # Earth OG?? From Ghost Farms?? (Sour Diesel x OG Kush)?? ~70 days?? Description – Sativa dominate, mood elevating, cerebral high with slight body relaxation.?? Recommended for – Energy, mood elevation, anxiety/stress relief, depression, appetite?? stimulation.??

# Jupiter OG?? From Cut : 6th Gen Moms @ Apothecary 420 Dispensary?? ~70 days?? Description – Indica dominate, full body high with relaxing effect.?? Recommended for – Insomnia, pain relief, stress/anxiety.?? Mars Candy?? White Berry?? Chocolate Sour Diesel?? Sour Diesel?? Super Lemon Haze?? XXX headband OG?? Madman OG?? Green Crack?? Blue Dream?? Mars OG?? Venus OG?? MANY MORE!?? WE ALSO ADDED OUR WEEKLY TOP OG TO OUR MENU.



Support legal MMJ growers in your community! Follow us on Twitter, be our friend on?? Facebook!?? ***


Edison Chino California 91710 San Bernardino 10.04 km

We provide quality medical marijuana to valid registered patients of Chino Hills, Chino area. We serve Chino Hills, Chino, Diamond bar, South Pomona & South of Ontario.

3757 Riverside Drive Chino California 91710 San Bernardino 12.7 km

Around since 2008, Dr. Z Dworak has seen many thousands of patients for their choice in alternative medicine; Medical Cannabis. With locations in Chino and Riverside, the Doctor and his Associates see patients 7-days-a week between the two offices. Each new or renewing patient receives:
1. full-sized document in plastic protective sleeve for dispensary
2. Wallet-sized duplicate featuring original signature and embossed seal
3. live patient support 9 am-9 pm

3757 Riverside Drive, Suite F Chino California 91710 San Bernardino 12.7 km

Serenity Medical Evaluations, (FNS# 42049) is the Inland Empire’s #1 "Best Value" Evaluation Clinic. You’ll receive: TWO original documents (a large one for the dispensaries and a small wallet- sized "get-out-of-jail free" card to always carry proof that you are a patient. Both are in protective plastic sleeves, have the ink signature of the Dr as well as the original seal with includes the license number. (Don’t settle for a flimsy piece of paper with a generic "Certified Marijuana Patient" seal. That seal is not legal). 7-day-a-week live dispensary and patient support-line.
The comfort of knowing that you are dealing with a legitimate doctor and Clinic. The recommendation you have is legal and will be verifiable for the entire year.

3757 Riverside Dr. Suite F Chino California 91710 San Bernardino 12.7 km

The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 codified in Section 11362.5 of the Health and Safety Code, allows seriously ill residents of California to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Qualified Patients and Primary Caregivers who have a written recommendation from a physician may cultivate, acquire, and use marijuana for medical purposes without fear of criminal liability under sections 11357 and 11358 of the Health and Safety Code.

It is the patient’s right to use medical cannabis as an alternative to prescription medications. It is a patient’s choice to be evaluated by a professional and experienced licensed physician.

CalMed 420 is the choice for patients seeking confidential evaluations by physicians that take an individual approach to the assessment and treatment of a condition or a disease. All attending physicians are board certified and are in good standing with the California Medical Boards, as required by SB 420 and Attorney General Guidelines.

CalMed 420 offers 24 hour, 7 days a week verification both live and on-line to assure that your status as a qualified patient or primary caregiver can always be verified and you can always be protected.

CalMed 420 is the only medical evaluation center that offers flexible payment options, payment plans and discount programs.

Evening and weekend appointments available for your convenience.

3255 Grand Ave Chino Hills California 91709 San Bernardino 14.73 km

<p> Our goal is to provide top customer service to our patients by delivering your meds on time in a discreet and compassionate manner now accepting new patients last call will b at 11:00 PM, seven days a week. HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL from 3:20-5:20EVERYDAY, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE 8TH TUESDAY (SELECTED STRAINS) All Major Credit Cards Accepted. Eights weight out heave at 4 grams. Get free 1/8 for every ounce,and for every 1/2 get 2 free grams. All orders 1/8 or higher are free charge of service, anything less will have a $5 fee. Sage Medical Collective is a non-profit Co-Op collective in compliance with the laws of Prop.215 & SB420</p>

chino hills Chino Hills California 91709 San Bernardino 16 km
5857 Pine Ave. Chino Hills California 91709 San Bernardino 16.04 km

John Dimowo MD

1761 3rd St, #104 Norco California 92860 Riverside 18.13 km

Canna Care

Grand Avenue Chino Hills California 91709 San Bernardino 18.25 km

Canna-Remedies is here to serve our patients in need of medical marijuana. We believe medical marijuana benefits patients all over the world and are here to provide for the patients in our neighborhood. We care for all our patients and understand everyone has their personal needs when it comes to their medicine, that is why we strive to provide the top quality meds to our patients.

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