Human Collective 2

9220 SW Barbur Rd Portland Oregon 97219 Multnomah
9220 SW Barbur Rd Portland Oregon 97219

Human Collective fulfills the demand for structure to the legal Oregon medical marijuana industry. Utilizing our current state law ORS 475.300-475.346 & OAR 333.008, while under federal guidelines issued by the United States Attorney General’s office on October 19, 2009 and incorporating the Oregon State Police (OSP) interpretations of OMMA, this allows OMMP cardholder’s the opportunity to create and implement positive, state legal compliance regulation of medical marijuana needs.

9220 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 106 Portland Oregon 97223 Washington 3.52 km

Human Collective (A Tigard)

3205 se 13th ave #420 Portland Oregon 97202 Multnomah 6.44 km

Here at Grower Patient Resources we are dedicated to informing OMMP cardholders about their rights and responsibilities. We have growers on site to help answer Any questions a cardholder might have about their growing needs. We have several different medicinal clone strains in our Clone Zone for OMMP cardholders that are starting their grow rooms or continuing their rotations. We invite you to challege our receptionists with cannabis related questions, if they dont know then they will find out for you!! Here at Grower Patient Resources we have: No Membership Fees, No Door Fees, Free Front Door Parking, and we are also Handicap Accessible. We believe that it is truly unnecessary to have to pay to get into our facility, in resistance to the rising fees of obtaining an OMMP card we are taking a step back and giving back to the cardholder. We have chosen to give FREE Medication to Every OMMP cardholder that visits Grower Patient Resources. This is just one part of our Patient Appreciation System that we have in place for the cardholders. We are here because of, and for, the OMMP community.

Grower Patient Resources has a unique environment setting: to be relaxed, informative and fun is the everyday goal. When an OMMP cardholder walks into Grower Patient Resources they will be greeted by one of our lovely receptionists, whom will then verify that, the OMMP documentation or card is valid. The receptionist will input the Cardholders information into our system. The cardholder will then begin to receive our monthly newsletter, personalized birthday, holiday cards that contain More Free Gifts and new information pages that are relevant to the OMMP. It is at this time the cardholder will receive their free medication for the visit and will be allowed to enter the common area of Grower Patient Resources. Grower Patient Resources does not allow patients to smoke or vaporize their medications inside the building, But we invite you to stay and hangout: The common area has a Marijuana reference library, a TV with documentaries, a couch, several chairs, tables and a few large fish tanks. Grower Patient Resources has apparel and glass paraphernalia are in cases around the common area. Off of the common area there are four booths that hold growers and booth attendants. The cardholders will be able to have private conversations about their needs and acquire the best possible medications for themselves.

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816 NW Hoyt St Portland Oregon 97209 Multnomah 7.99 km

Portland Alternative Clinic the medical marijuana clinic in the pearl district of Portland Oregon. Doctor Sandra Camacho is Portland’s medical marijuana doctor in the northwest of Portland Oregon. Serving the Medical Marijuana Community

105 SE 18th Ave. Portland Oregon 97214 Multnomah 8.56 km

We are now scheduling appointments at all of our locations. Contact us at (800)723-0188 for details.

We have helped over 150,000 patients in nine states obtain a permit to legally possess, use and grow medical marijuana. We would be happy to help you. We are now scheduling appointments in 40 cities across the United States.

We see patients at our clinics in Oregon at Portland, Eugene, Bend, Grants Pass and Umatilla, in Washington state at Seattle/Bellevue, Olympia, Port Angeles, Spokane, Bellingham, Kennewick and Vancouver/Portland, in Michigan at Detroit/Southfield, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Flint, Saginaw, Marquette, Traverse City and Lansing, in Hawaii at Honolulu, Hilo and Kapaa, in Colorado at Denver, and in California at Riverside.Clearly describe your business and list all services that you provide.

1847 E. Burnside St. Ste. B Portland Oregon 97214 Multnomah 8.71 km

At the Aurora Clinic, our doctors will provide the physical exam necessary to obtain an OMMP card and begin using medical marijuana right away. What makes us different? Our 5-star customer service and caring attention to detail. You’ll be in and out within an hour and pointed in the right direction to begin making safe, legal and wise use of medical marijuana.

2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd Beaverton Oregon 97005 Washington 8.85 km

We are a company that has designed a series of greenhouses that meet or exceed many Calfornia ordinances that allow outdoor backyard growing of medical marijuana.
These include Sacramento, Yuba City, Sutter County and many others.More and more areas are using these as requirements that allow you to grow using natural sunlight or your own lighting system.
These greenhouses use interior security fencing that is 6′ tall welded wire panels that keep children and the oppurtunistic theif out. They are also designed to be used with filtration systems that are required to eliminate odor.
They have been designed with ease of construction in mind and only require a phillips screw driver and a pair of pliars to build.
This greenhouse also keeps many urban pests from getting at your plants such as deer, birds and otthers in an animal freindly way.

4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd, #161 Portland Oregon 97214 Multnomah 9.17 km
971-270-0262 Ph971-270-0262 Ph

Alternative Medicine Medical Clinic

6701 S.E. Foster Rd. Portland Oregon 97206 Multnomah 9.64 km

Voter Power Foundation Clinic

10209 Division St Se Building B Portland Oregon 97266 Multnomah 12.88 km

Five Zero Trees is a well known Portland medical cannabis brand turned OMMP Resource Center. We are activists with a true passion for the medicinal abilities of cannabis. Our values and knowledge exceed the competition. Five Zero Trees is a place for OMMP Patients to access high quality medicine in an inviting and safe environment. We have believed in the revolution of alternative medicine for 20+ years and have a strong desire to help the OMMP community flourish for many years to come. Five Zero Trees OMMP Resource Center will always provide the best cannabis medicine Portland can offer. All of our products are produced locally by verified and trusted OMMP growers that maintain the highest of standards. To access medicine from Five Zero Trees, you must be 18+ years old and have a valid photo ID with your up-to-date OMMP Card. As our menu changes daily, please check here to get the most up to date menu of flowers, concentrates, tincture, medibles and more! You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (@fivezerotrees) for daily deals and Happy Hour Specials!

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