Green Shield Patients Cooperative, Inc. Medical Marijuana Delivery

11400 Olympic Blvd Los Angeles California 90064 Los Angeles
11400 Olympic Blvd Los Angeles California 90064

Green Shield is a Not-For-Profit Medical Marijuana Delivery Collective, founded by the belief that all medicine should be of the highest possible quality. We have very strict standards in all of our products whether it is a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. In order to maintain our demand for quality, our strain variety may vary. Limited quantity but unlimited quality! We are aware that patients require safe & discreet access to medical marijuana and consider all precautions when interacting with our members.

Green Shield Patients Cooperative – About Us

We are a group of qualified patients working together in order to cultivate and access marijuana for our medical use. To qualify as a member of our Cooperative, we require that you become familiar with, and participate in, the operations of the Cooperative. You will see that we are very different than what you may have experienced at dispensaries throughout town. Many businesses operating as medical marijuana providers essentially sell their cannabis at market rates. That is not what we do. We are only spreading the cost of cultivating marijuana among our members. We are a complete Not-For-Profit entity, which means that your financial contribution to reimburse actual costs has nothing to do with fluctuating market values. As a result, you may find that your financial contribution may fluctuate to reflect fluctuation of actual expenses. No profit is made here and records of all the costs are available for your review, upon reasonable request.

Our Cooperative is focused on the betterment of the community through medicine, charitable contributions, education, awareness, and ease of access to patients their holistic and non-pharmaceutical remedies (includes medical cannabis).

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