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23 Mill St Arcade New York 14009

GenTech Master Turn-Key Analyzers are based on the GenTech Master GC Gas Chromatograph, the most suitable gas chromatograph for the development of complex analytical systems. The highest degree of flexibility and upgradeability featured by the Master GC easily support an array of custom configurations.

The ability to provide the proper configuration to meet the most challenging analytical demands comes from a long and proven experience and a deep industry knowledge. As requirements are constantly changing, even a highly reliable instrumentation could not be enough to succeed in getting trustworthy results: complete and guaranteed solutions are essential to comply with the latest industry standards and specifications.

After a long working relationship with its customers to know and to best match their real needs, GenTech Master Instruments has developed key analytical solutions that cover a broad array of applications, requirements and protocols in various industries and markets.

GenTech Master Analyzers are pre-configured, pre-assembled and factory-tested systems specifically designed for particular analyses. The analyzers include the hardware, the software, columns and consumables, the optimized analysis method, the analytical conditions, and the documentation to run up your analysis from day one.

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