Frederic DiMaria, Jr.

111 Grove St. Lodi New Jersey 7644 Bergen
111 Grove St. Lodi New Jersey 7644
973.777.6422 973.777.6422

Frederic DiMaria, Jr.

201 Washington Street Newark New Jersey 7101 Essex 16.55 km

Herbert Waldman

228 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10003-1502 New York New York 10003 New York 16.71 km

Text at 323-544-3947
we are suppliers of various types of kush and pills . they are available in Good Quality and are readily available for those above 18years, we do both retailing and wholesales. the various types available include the following

Orange Krush, Bonzai blend, JWH series,
Red magic, kush herbal incense, Mr.Nice Guy.
Cloud 10, Space herbal incense,
black mamba, spike max,
Funky Skunk, Sex Pot,
Bayou Blaster, California Orange Buds,
Haiwan Buds, Crunky Monkey,
8-Ball, Blueberry bud,
Dutch Haze, herbal smoke
purple kush o.g kush
bubble gum, jamican gold
arabian solid smoke , honey blonde
dream smoke , skunk
panama gold , Bonzai blend
JWH series , Red magic
kush herbal incense , Mr.Nice Guy
Cloud 10 , Space herbal incense
black mamba , spike max
Funky Skunk , Sex Pot
Bayou Blaster , California Orange Buds
Haiwan Buds , Crunky Monkey
8-Ball , spice
skunk1 , hindu kush
algerian herbal blend , white rhino
snow white , pep spice 3
jamaican gold budd , and many others

Deliveries 24/7 everywhere!!!! very clean smelling, awesome taste and
VERY potent hash oil. purged for hours so no impurities left. used
stainless steel tubes.

Black oil,
Indian oil,
red oil,
honey oil,
cherry leb oil
Afghani oil
Organic Hemp Oil 16 fl oz Liquid
Kosher Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 8 OZ
Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid

For more Information contact us Via
Text at 323-544-3947
Email at

US1 Jersey City New Jersey 7302 Hudson 16.78 km

Delivery of fine medicinal products including flowers, oils, and concentrates. All AAA+++ the best only is sought through our selection of our menu items. Contact us for a consultation and menu.

11 ave new york New York New York 10003 New York 17.03 km

Best quality med, lemon kush ,purple kush OG kush
Affordable prices with over night discreet delivery. You can call my line on 404 902 2450 for more details. I also got some pain killers and body building supplements. as below
Ecstasy pills 20 mg
cannabis 1g
Oxy 30mg
Roxi 30mg
Hydrocodone 30mg
² 2mg
Diazepam 10mg
*Green Crack::::::::::::: Grade: AA
*sour Diesel ::::::::Grade: A+ Top Shelf
*Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A
*Sensi Star x ak47 :::::::Grade: AAA
*Afghan Kush :::::::::::::Grade: A
*Northe Lights #5 ::::::Grade: A+
*Lemon drop:::::::::::::::Grade: A+
*Purple Kush:::::::::::Grade:A+ Top Shelf
*OG Kush ::::::::::Grade:A++ Top Shelf
*purple-urkle::::::::::::::Grade: A-
CONTACT: 404 902 2450 or email me via (

26 Broadway New York New York 10004 New York 19.21 km

New York regulatory law is difficult for the average person to navigate. Call upon an expert in the field to assist you. Whether you are a caregiver, doctor or patient, my trained staff will be able to assist you in obtaining your permit to grow, prescribe or use marijuana legally. Call me now for your free phone consultation. 212-363-7701 ask for Saul.

110 Wall Street, 11th Floor New York New York 10005 New York 19.5 km

Ruth Liebesman

5 Becker Farm Rd. Roseland New Jersey 7068 Essex 19.68 km

Walder Hayden & Brogan PA

1254 rita street Staten Island New York 10314 Richmond 29.76 km

Northern Lights, Girl scout cookies,Sour Diesel,Purple kush, Haze For Sale Text (908) 280-5115

We supply within the USA ,Europe and Canada only.Overnight shipping and very discrete. All Contact should come via >> We have high quality medicinal marijuana and other best strains of kush for sale at moderate prices.
Master Kush
Master Kush X Northern Light
OG Kush
Purple Kush
Big King Bud
AK 47
White Widow
White Widow Feminized
Big Bud
Big Black Indica
Big Bud X White Widow Weeds
Hindu Kush
Super Skunk
Super Silver Haze
White Rhino
You can always contact us for more details..
Email address : ( or Text 908-280-5115

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Marijuana Apparel that you can wear and nobody will know that you are wearing a pot shirt

35 6th Street Stamford Connecticut 6905 Fairfield 50.34 km

How To Become A Medical Marijuana Patient In Connecticut
1.Must be at least 18 years of age
2.Must be a resident in the state of Connecticut with proof of residency
3.The qualifying patient has been diagnosed by a physician as having a debilitating medical condition and has obtained medical records showing the diagnosis of that condition.
4.Once your physician has registered you with the DHSS as a qualifying patient, you must obtain a Medical Marijuana card from the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut Qualifying Marijuana Patient Conditions

cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity, epilepsy, cachexia, wasting syndrome, Crohn’s disease or post-traumatic stress disorder.


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