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2137 Warwick Saginaw Michigan 48602 Saginaw
2137 Warwick Saginaw Michigan 48602

Denali Healthcare Mt. Pleasant provides pain management services, suboxone addiction therapy and professional, defensible medical marijuana certifications.

Dr. Townsend is a court recognized expert on the bonafide doctor/patient relationship and an expert in medical marijuana certifications and suboxone therapy for narcotic addiction. He also offers conservative and effect pain control with traditional medication and accepts patients with cards from high standards clinics.

2137 Warwick Saginaw Michigan 48602 Saginaw 0 km

Denali Healthcare is an integrated healtcare network dedicated to education, the relief of chronic suffering, control of the overuse of narcotic pain control, and alternative medicine. It was developed by Dr. Robert Townsend, over the period of several years. Our goal is no less than re-education of patients to develop reasonable expectations of what pain management can and cannot do, to reduce their dependency on opiates in favor of treatment alternatives that have fewer side effects, improve function and enjoyment of life, and counter the idea so common in our society- have a pain, take a pill, and if that doesn’t work, take another pill.

To accomplish this we take a holistic approach- small doses of medication in combination to maximize control of pain while minimizing side effects, alternative medicine (including medical marijuana), and an open mind to alternative medicine (accupuncture, massage therapy, etc).

We do not accept insurance, not because we are heartless, but because most patients cannot afford insurance and its related expenses. We can set our own prices (insurance companies normally dictate the price of every visit down to the band aides) and have the flexibility to help low income patients, all for not much more than the co-pays of most insurance companies. Not having to deal with the delays of denied claims, automatic discounts, billing staff expenses, etc we can charge what the visit is actually worth, rather than what we have to charge the insurance company to ‘eventually’ get part of what it is worth. We have been on insurance plans, and can still be on them, we simply choose not to be. The result is patients get affordable healthcare without the expense of hiring a billing staff and dealing with the aggrevation of the mega insurance companies.

Dr. Townsend and the staff are never too busy to answer your questions, we are available to speak to your group on an issue of concern to you, and can provide expert information to you or your attorney should you need us. Just give us a call at 989-339-4464

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