Compassionate Health Care Options

1322 Webster St. (#308) Oakland California 94612 Alameda
1322 Webster St. (#308) Oakland California 94612

Compassionate Health Care Options

Delivery Service Santa Cruz California 95060 Santa Cruz 94.54 km

Santa Cruz MedEx Delivery Service

Delivery Service Santa Cruz California 95061 Santa Cruz 94.54 km

Sweet Leaf Caregivers of (Santa Cruz)

P. O. Box 73481 Davis California 95617 Yolo 94.55 km

Richard Glen Boire

1509 Seabright Ave. Santa Cruz California 95060 Santa Cruz 94.56 km

MediCann Inc.

333 Church St. Santa Cruz California 95062 Santa Cruz 94.58 km

John Barisone

333 Church St. (A) Santa Cruz California 95062 Santa Cruz 94.58 km

Medical Marijuana Attorneys

331 Soquel Ave. Santa Cruz California 95062 Santa Cruz 94.69 km

Law Office of Douglas Fox

Santa Cruz Aptos California 95003 Santa Cruz 95.28 km

We are a personalized delivery service- We care about individuals, not profit! Immobile, Disabled, Vets and seriously ill patients are especially welcome. We offer individually tailored services for our members, including flexible pricing and customized/made to order preparations.

Though all patients with a current doctors recommendation are welcome, Veterans, disabled, and fixed income patients have a place in our hearts. We are seeking patient-members who need a delivery service and want to establish a long term working relationship to our collective community.

Ask about Veteran, disabled, fixed income- Discounts vary based on circumstances (with documentation- cannot be combined with other discounts). Since we are owner operated, we do our best to be compassionate. pricing is flexible based on individual financial situation. Discounts are limited, some top shelf may not be included.

Sales tax is included- equals an 8% discount off the top! Delivery (next day appointment) to Monterey/Gilroy area is free, but does require a minimum $50 donation.

Ongoing delivery schedule/return patients qualifies for 10% discount

Deliveries within 20 miles of Aptos/Corralitos is free with no minimum donation.

Owner operated, we understand the frustrations of those who live on fixed incomes, yet are faced with many expenses, especially medication! Our goal in starting this collective is to provide a friendly, safe and supportive means to affordable medication in accordance with the law (SB420/prop 215). We want you to feel safe and secure- we are friendly professional and knowledgeable.
We care about your health, well-being, and financial circumstances! We are there to help you every step of the way, from advice on applying for your doctor’s
recommendation and counseling about medical cannabis, to growing your own.
We are an employee owned and operated collective, for members, by member owners, and we plan to be there for you for the long term.

Our goal is to provide quality medication at a cost that is fair, while preserving your peace of mind, and enhancing your quality of life, with respect to your holistic health and spiritual well-being.

761 Creekview Pl. Windsor California 95492 Sonoma 95.83 km

Sonoma County Compassionate Collective

815 Almar Ave. Santa Cruz California 95060 Santa Cruz 95.86 km

Women’s’ Alliance for Medical Marijuana

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