Compassionate Caregivers of Maine

PO Box 320 Cleveland Ohio 44112 Cuyahoga
PO Box 320 Cleveland Ohio 44112

LOOK NO FURTHER for legal medical marijuana providers. Let them come to you, for a private consultation in the comfort of your own home. The passage of the Maine Medical Marijuana Act of 2009 paves the way for LEGALLY grown organic marijuana to be provided for Qualifying Patients across the great State of Maine. The Compassionate Caregivers of Maine is non-profit 3rd party agency, designed to allow patients safe, affordable and easy access to their medicine. The Compassionate Caregivers of Maine is an online network hub with the one goal in mind: to bring Qualified Patients and State Licensed Caregivers together to share in the wonders of Medicinal cannabis.

The Compassionate Caregivers of Maine are a non-profit Maine-based agency existing solely for the purpose of helping Maine citizens with qualifying conditions, find the most experienced and licensed Caregivers to cultivate their medicine. CCM has one goal in mind – Affordable and High Quality Medicine to those in need!

Become a Member of CCM and Receive these immediate benefits:

* EXCLUSIVE PATIENT ASSIGNMENTS – we bring the patient, fully certified and ready to designate you as their Caregiver
* DOCUMENT AND DATA STORAGE – forget the hassles of digging up your paperwork for State Audits, we will keep them for you secure and safe in a personalized online account.
* BOOK KEEPING – Medical Marijuana Sales is a Taxable event, we can help you so the State doesn’t come after you for sales tax evasion.
* PREMIUM SOCIAL NETWORK ACCESS – Create discussions, join groups, talk about the latest strains and how to trouble shoot growing problems.

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