Chico Primary Caregivers

Second Ave Chico California 95926 Butte
Second Ave Chico California 95926

Chico Primary Caregivers (CPC) is a prop 215 compliant, and Health and Safety Code Section 11362.5 and 11362.7medical marijuana collective located in Chico, California. We offer a free home delivery service for our medicine in a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment. At Chico Primary Caregivers, we take every possible precaution to provide only high quality, safe medication and follow all local laws and ordinances.

As a primary caregiver, our main goal is to increase the quality of life for every single one of our patients. That is why we offer a free local delivery service, discounts to patients on a limited disability income, and a robust selection of medical grade flowers, concentrates, and edibles as well as seeds and clones for our patients’ home-growing needs. We strive to provide only the most potent medicines, and carry strains appropriate for virtually any condition or illness our patients may be suffering from.

All of our medication is grown locally in Butte County using completely organic, no pesticides, and always flushed with fresh water before harvest.

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For over 20 years Eric Alan Berg & Associates, Inc. of Northern California, have provided clients with powerful representation coupled with sincere concern for the welfare of their families. We provide legal services that help you for a lifetime by protecting your rights and values, while leading you through difficult legal situations.

Our business is protecting you and your family with the best possible legal representation. Your crisis is our crisis. We fight hard for you. We have experienced and highly qualified attorneys and support staff who specialize in criminal defense, divorce, family law, bankruptcy, and personal injury cases. We also have a full investigative team.

Berg & Associates is small enough to provide personalized services, yet is large enough to guarantee a spirited in-depth defense fully protecting your rights.

We have an exceptionally dedicated team that will provide you with the best service possible in all of the following areas:

Criminal Defense
Divorce/Family Law
Personal Injuries
Investigative Services
Education and Special Education Law
Juvenile Defense Law

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