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Los Angeles,CA,90014 Los Angeles California 90014 Los Angeles
Los Angeles,CA,90014 Los Angeles California 90014

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*Green Crack::::::::::::: Grade: AA
*Sour Diesel :::::::::::::::Grade: A+ Top Shelf
*Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A
*Sensi Star x ak47 :::::::Grade: AAA
*Afghan Kush :::::::::::::Grade: A
*Northern Lights #5 ::::::Grade: A+
*Lemon drop:::::::::::::::Grade: A+
*Purple Kush:::::::::::::::Grade:A+ Top Shelf
*OG Kush ::::::::::::::::::Grade:A++ Top Shelf
*Purple-urkle::::::::::::::Grade: A-
Purple Haze
Red Majic
White widow
Purple Haze
Orange Krush
Russian kush
Blueberry bud
Dutch Haze herbal smoke
Bubble gum
Jamican gold
Arabian solid smoke
Honey blonde
Dream smoke
cheeba chews
Panama gold
Kanzak smoke
Island smoke
Mystical Spirit Smoke
King Tut Herbal Smoking Blend
Wild Greens Herbal SmokeGS
Cookies – Cherry Pie –
Blue Cheese –
Skunk #1 –
DynafemCheese –
Chem Valley Kush
– GHS Exodus Cheese –
Soma A+ –
Cheesequake –
Gonzo #1 –

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