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2681 Cleveland Avenue Santa Rosa California 95403 Sonoma
2681 Cleveland Avenue Santa Rosa California 95403

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3139 Mission Street San Francisco California 94112 San Francisco 85.27 km

Herbal Mission is one of the best medical marijuana dispensary to get quality cannabis made products like creams, lotions, hash, hybrid edibles, etc., for medicinal purpose.

759 So. State St. (#72) Ukiah California 95482 Mendocino 85.85 km

Northstone Organics Cooperative Inc.

3542 Fruitvale Ave. #224 Oakland California 94602 Alameda 86.28 km

James Anthony

527 So. State St. Ukiah California 95482 Mendocino 86.44 km

NorCal Health Care

P. O. Box 73481 Davis California 95617 Yolo 86.45 km

Richard Glen Boire

557 East Perkins St. Ukiah California 95482 Mendocino 86.64 km


3139, Mission St. San Francisco California 94112 San Francisco 86.67 km

HerbalMission is a San Francisco located medical marijuana dispensary which provides a holistic approach to treating the mind and body for a wide variety of ailments. Our goal is to emphasize alternative modalities such as chiropractic, physical, occupational, meditative and social therapies to allow the body to heal itself without the need of pharmaceutical prescription drugs by incorporating medical cannabis as an alternate form of treatment to help patients with physical and emotional stresses. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff recommends case-specific strains to our patients.

1840 Embarcadero Oakland California 94606 Alameda 86.76 km

As medical marijuana patients, we have all had to endure the fear and stigma imposed upon us by nearly seventy years of cannabis prohibition. Despite the recent legalization of medical cannabis in California and other states, the fear and stigma persist. Harborside Health Center is dedicated to healing the pain that stems from these destructive attitudes and feelings by providing a sensible alternative to the hysteria surrounding cannabis and by honoring you as a progressive and courageous force of change. We believe one way we may do that is to be conscious and respectful in all our interactions with our neighbors.

Harborside Health Center believes each patient acts as an ambassador for the entire medical cannabis community. We want our fellow patients to feel cared for, to be recognized as important members of society, and to leave our facility inspired to be positive ambassadors for medical cannabis. Society is watching all of us to determine if medical cannabis is safe and sensible. If we dedicate ourselves to being such positive ambassadors for medical cannabis, our communities will begin to embrace us instead of being suspicious of us. The perception of medical cannabis will then be transformed, and the stigma associated with it will be eliminated.

Harborside Health Center sees this as the key for achieving safe and legal access to medical cannabis for all suffering and sick Americans. We invite you to join us in building a kinder and more compassionate world, and thank you for your efforts.

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San Francisco San Francisco California 94124 San Francisco 86.94 km

Providing San Francisco with a safe and quality delivery service for registered Medical Marijuana patients. Consistent quality and timely deliveries are our specialty.

444 No. School Street Ukiah California 95482 Mendocino 87.18 km

Petersen Law Office

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