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1600 Willow Ave Clovis California 93612 Fresno
1600 Willow Ave Clovis California 93612

We typically like to carry TOP shelf strains. Our growers have over 60 years combined experience. The quality and taste of our products is hard to beat! ! All Valley Organics is a members only, not-for-profit, private medical marijuana Association. We strive to offer true compassion and dependability for medical marijuana patients in the Fresno/Clovis area of California. We take pride as being one of the best, safest, and most professional delivery services in California. We offer fast and reliable safe access delivery of medical marijuana products to qualified member patients directly and discretely to their door. First time patient? Call or text us for fast easy verification- When you call or text, you must have available: Your current, and up-to-date Doctor’s Recommendation, and a Valid CA ID or Driver’s License; Per Ca Regulations All Valley Organics is a not-for-profit private association. The prices listed are designed to cover our costs and provide reasonable compensation for our member patients time and effort, thank you. *We are registered with the California State Board of Equalization and are required to charge 8.23% Sales Tax on all products delivered in Fresno County and Clovis* (Taxes are included in price)

3995 N. Fresno St., Ste, 106 Fresno California 93726 Fresno 5.36 km

Juanita Grandy MD

191 West Shaw Ave. (#210) Fresno California 93704 Fresno 5.85 km

California Herbal Relief Center

P.O. Box 16398 Fresno California 93755 Fresno 5.95 km

420 College is a premier provider of continuing education in the cannabis industry.
420 Colleges are located in California, Washington, Michigan, Oregon, Florida and Illinois. We also provide education and services online at
We are passionate about building personal relationships with likeminded, career oriented individuals and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we are here to encourage growers, big and small, to test their medicine prior to market, and maintain industry standards regarding all medicine, products and services.
Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to be successful in your medical cannabis business. Our teachers are pioneers of the industry, proficient in their area of expertise, instrumental in bringing the market to fruition and expanding the opportunities therein.
Start your own cannabusiness. Learn how to grow “in more ways than one.” Build a solid foundation for your business and learn techniques that will help you maintain your clientele, and prepare you and your business for exponential growth in the upcoming cannabis industry explosion.
Acquire the education needed to open a dispensary. Learn how to operate a patient-to-patient delivery service or a nonprofit collective. We are here to help you… not just feed you a bunch of useless facts. Benefit from the expertise of people who are in business. We will personally introduce you to lawyers, vendors, collectives, accountants, consultants, real estate agents and web designers or anyone we feel will move your project forward. Do not delay, your business can be up and running in a matter of weeks depending on your dedication, budget and location.
In today’s declining economy, 420 College is helping prepare Americans for a better tomorrow. Work for yourself, live the dream; we are here to help you get in on the ground floor of this innovative and flourishing industry. Help your family and friends, people and patients… provide products and services to those in need. Help create employment opportunities for thousands of people who are unemployed due to the declining economy. Help yourself by getting involved.
Join us and join in. Enroll in the 420 College experience today. Learn the facts, become part of this hidden agenda. Obtain the knowledge needed to help keep this thriving industry in the hands of the people, while providing taxpayer dollars to fuel the economy.
Become part of the movement to legalize marijuana throughout the USA. Earn a good living while helping people and patients throughout our nation to gain safe and affordable access to medical marijuana.
Once you complete your classes, our staff is available by phone to answer any and all questions YOU have about YOUR business. We make ourselves accessible as part of the 420 College experience. We want you to succeed, because,”Our success is your success!”
We invite you and welcome you. Join our network of friendly likeminded canna-business pot-trepreneurs. We are here to help you achieve your goals! Meet new people and make new contacts. At 420 College… we do more than educate, we put you on the right track for success.

647 West Shaw Ave. Suite M Fresno California 93704 Fresno 6.77 km

Central Valley Collective

647 West Shaw Ave. Fresno California 93704 Fresno 6.77 km

Central Valley Collective

770 W. Bullard Ave. Fresno California 93704 Fresno 7.03 km

Providing medical marijuana evaluations and recommendations.

1332 East Olive Fresno California 93728 Fresno 8.38 km

Mario Disalvo

2950 Mariposa St. (Suite 250) Fresno California 93721 Fresno 9.04 km

James R. Homola

2950 Mariposa St. Suite 250 Fresno California 93721 Fresno 9.04 km

James R. Homola

334 East Olive Fresno California 93728 Fresno 9.24 km

MedMar Clinic

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