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1 1st Hampton Virginia 23666 Hampton City
1 1st Hampton Virginia 23666

Our Live Seminar focuses on starting a business and cultivation with medical marijuana in California under Proposition 215 and SB 420. Our Live Seminar in Colorado covers Amendment 20 medical marijuana laws.

Here are some of the benefits of attending a 420 College Live Seminar:

* Learn how to form a non-profit medical marijuana collective business.
* How to open a medical cannabis dispensary in California. Learn how to start a marijuana dispensary.
* Start a medical marijuana delivery service.
* Start a medical marijuana grow operation.
* How to become a state approved marijuana farmer’s market.
* We have teamed up with marijuana business insurance agents and merchant account services, who specialize in the medical marijuana business industry to help you in your business.
* If you’re not a medical marijuana patient, you will be referred to medical marijuana doctors, who will be giving recommendations to those who qualify.
* Learn how to cultivate medical marijuana.
* Learn how to grow indoor and outdoor.
* Learn how to grow Hydroponics from master growers.
* Learn from highly skilled instructors how to make medical marijuana edibles such as cookies, brownies, cakes, butter.
* Concentrates like hash and tinctures.

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420Collegeconcept2420collegeleaf14041941315.jpg 8 years ago
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Here are some of the benefits of attending a 420 College Live Seminar: * Learn how to form a ...
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