Choosing Best Cannabis Strain for You – 2021 Guide

Choosing Best Cannabis Strain for You – 2021 Guide

Cannabis is a vastly popular plant, with its fame further increasing each day. Its wide use led to the discovery and creation of various cannabis strains available to the public today.

Although Canada legalizing medicinal and recreational weed use brought countless advantages, now it can be more challenging than ever to purchase cannabis in Ontario due to the extensive selection each weed store carries.

It’s common to have difficulties choosing the right strain you’ll enjoy, mainly because there are always new strains coming up. For that reason, this guide will help you make the final decision.

How Do Strains Differ?

Have you ever had two weed sessions that gave you completely different effects? If you have, then you tried two cannabis strains. We’re all familiar with the fact that there are numerous cannabis strains, but not many people know what makes each strain unique.

Essentially, cannabinoid content, terpene profile, and manner of cultivation all affect the outcome of the strains.


Each cannabis plant comes with a different set and amount of cannabinoids. Namely, cannabinoids are chemical compounds that interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our bodies, which are part of the endocannabinoid system. This interaction is directly related to the effects and benefits of the strains since different cannabinoids can produce any outcome from relaxing to intoxicating.


Terpenes are molecules present in the cannabis plant. Like cannabinoids, each strain comes with its unique terpene profile, responsible for each strain’s flavor, aroma, or effect. The cannabis plant produces around 200 terpenes, so it all comes down to which terpenes are present and in what amounts.


Other features which largely affect the strains are cultivation and environmental conditions. Namely, unlike climates, soil nutrients and cultivation habits can develop completely different cannabinoids and terpene profiles in the same strain, resulting in two strains that don’t have much in common.

How to Choose Cannabis Strains?

Keeping in mind what makes each cannabis strain one of a kind, people prefer different strains for several reasons. Aroma, effects, benefits, potency, and price are some of the leading factors, so you can use this list to easily decide which strain is the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


Firstly, terpene profiles play a very important role in strain’s flavor and aroma. For example, you can choose between terpenes with a minty, sour, sweet, earthy, or spicy aroma, depending on which terpene is the most prominent one.

You can search cannabis strains by the terpene content, so you can easily come across strains that’ll offer you a desired flavor and aroma.


Secondly, some people aren’t concerned with taste because they want specific effects out of their strains. However, the effects largely depend on terpenes and cannabinoids present, so you can choose between energizing, relaxing, or “high” effects.

For instance, if you’re looking for something which will give you intoxicating effects, go with a strain high in THC content. Contrarily, high CBD content provides therapeutic, relaxing, and soothing effects.


Thirdly, people using cannabis for medicinal purposes pay great attention to the benefits of each strain because they need to make sure the strain they’re using will give them the desired health benefits.

Namely, different cannabinoids have been used to treat various health issues, including anxiety, depression, focus issues, muscle inflammation, and chronic pain. Nevertheless, CBD is one of the most famous ones, so if you want to get rid of pain or stress, go with strains rich in CBD content. Similarly, Delta 8 THC cannabinoid will increase and sharpen your focus for any kind of task.


Fourthly, THC concentration dictates how potent a strain is. If you’re looking for a strain you can use in the evening and would like it to be more intense, go for more potent cannabis strains. On the other hand, mild strains that don’t have extreme potency are excellent for daily use and subtle effects.


Finally, price is often a deciding factor if you’re choosing between several strains, especially if you have a specific budget intended for marijuana use. Luckily, there are strains at every price point, from common strains to premium ones, so you’ll easily find something that fits all your requirements but budget as well.


To wrap everything up, each cannabis strain comes with its unique set of properties. The worldwide use and cultivation of the cannabis plant even motivated many cultivators to create a new hybrid strain by combining the benefits of two separate strains.

As a result, today, we have over 700 different cannabis strains. To find which one is ideal for you, make sure to carefully examine all of the strain’s properties and see if they fit your preferences and needs.


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