How the Cannabis Industry Will Help Bring More Jobs to the US

How the Cannabis Industry Will Help Bring More Jobs to the US

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How do you turn around and grow an economy quickly and effectively? Jobs. More and more jobs. While the Trump administration is showing signs of slowing down the growth of the marijuana industry, a new report projects that by 2020, the legal marijuana industry will create more than 250,000 jobs. That’s more than expected jobs from manufacturing, utilities, and government jobs, and this number does not include additional states that may vote to legalize between now and then.


Stats, Facts, and Projections

The Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that by 2024, jobs in manufacturing may decline by 814,000, utilities by 47,000, and government jobs by 383,000. In 2016, the legal marijuana market brought in around $7.2 billion. With a projected compounded annual rate of 17%, sales would increase to $13.3 billion by 2020.


What Exact Jobs WILL Marijuana Bring?

Jobs in the marijuana industry go beyond growing, picking, and selling. When you create an industry from the ground up, you need support staff from start to finish. Just a few of the jobs the marijuana industry could create would be:

  1. Farmers – You’ll need an extensive amount of farmers to take on the growth of new users.
  2. Harvesters, and trimmers – Just like with any crop, you will need to harvest the supply and make it ready for consumption (trimming)
  3. Retailers – As more states are legalizing marijuana, the opportunity for entrepreneurs to open retail locations increases. In order to open a business, you need loan officers, bankers, retail associates, bookkeepers, etc. (Even more jobs!)
  4. Chefs – You read that correctly. Chefs. Edibles are a HUGE part of the marijuana industry. As legalization progresses chefs are finding new ways to incorporate their knowledge and skills into the evolving industry of edibles.
  5. Tour Guides – Until marijuana is legal everywhere, people will be traveling to consume. Companies are starting tours similar to wine tasting that include traveling to growing locations and dispensaries and teaching travelers about the process.
  6. Security – This will include everything from checking identification at retail and consumption sites, to securing cash (Read our article on Where The Money Goes to understand why you might need cash security.)

Many of those already in the marijuana industry report feeling happy for their employment. Not just for employment sake, but because working in a non-traditional industry, away from the cubicle corporate world is what many of those with marijuana-related businesses were looking for all along. While bringing in their own sets of challenges, the appeal of being their own boss more than makes up for the additional paperwork.

Do you have an “unusual job” related to the marijuana industry? Let us know!


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