Cannabis College?

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Medical Marijuana is a big business that’s continuing to grow as more states legalize it. The newest sign of what a big industry it’s going to be? In Ohio you can now study in school to work in the cannabis industry.

News 5 in Cleveland broke the story this week. A cannabis college will be opening in Independence Ohio, where you’ll be able to take classes on anything from the history of the plant and it’s place in different cultures, to the horticultural skills needed to mass produce it today. They’re hoping to help people get a leg up in the industry, and they’re spouting the traditional college line that they believe their graduates will have jobs in the field within 6 months of graduating.

Of course, it’s not quite operational yet ( several of the state’s medical marijuana laws have yet to be finished), but still, this is an interesting step in the growing commercialization and industrialization of the industry. When colleges start offering courses in a completely new subject, it’s a good sign that it’s going to be an important industry going forward.

The only question is whether or not people would enroll in courses on growing legal marijuana and establishing a business, or would rather just go into an entry level job in the industry and learn the ropes that way.

What do you think? Would you enroll in a medical marijuana course if you had the option? What about your kids?

It’s another interesting development on the road to full, nationwide legalization.


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