Medical Marijuana News

June 16, 2011

Help Fight Anti-MMJ Collective Senate Bill

                Help Fight Anti-MMJ Collective Senate Bill     Key Vote on Nasty Anti-MMJ-Collective Bill SB 847 A nasty bill restricting medical cannabis collectives to non-residential areas will be facing a key vote in the Assembly Health Committee next Tuesday, Jun 21. The […]
June 15, 2011

Maine Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Patient Privacy Act

    State lawmakers have given their initial approval to LD 1296, An Act To Amend the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act To Protect Patient Privacy. LD 1296 seeks to protect the privacy of qualified medical cannabis patients by eliminating the 2010 mandate that citizens must be registered with the […]
June 14, 2011

Canadian Airline Passengers Fly the Weed-Friendly Skies

  Four Airline travelers in Canada heading from the West Coast to a medical marijuana conference in Toronto were allowed to bring their marijuana vaporizer on board the commercial flight earlier this month. The group, which includes Canadian Activist Lisa Kirkman, may be the first people in Canadian history allowed by […]
June 14, 2011

Justin Timberlake Gets Honest About Marijuana in Playboy Interview

  Justin Timberlake, the singer and now A-list actor, was interviewed by Playboy this month and asked if he still smoked pot.  Timberlake replied, “Absolutely”. He went on to explain that marijuana is the only thing that gets him to stop thinking, saying that sometime his brain needs to be turned […]
June 14, 2011

Colorado Toddler Hospitalized Due to Marijuana Ingestion

    For the second time this year, a toddler in Colorado was hospitalized due to ingesting marijuana accidentally that belonged to the parents. An 11 month old toddler was flown by helicopter life-flight to the Longmont United Hospital where the young girl was thought to be having a reaction […]
June 14, 2011

Michigan City Bans Medical Marijuana ACLU Sues

  The Michigan chapter of the ACLU was in court today, arguing that just because marijuana remains illegal under federal law doesn’t mean that Michigan’s medical marijuana law is illegal. The case surrounds a Livonia ordinance that bans medical marijuana. Not just dispensing, but actual medical marijuana in any form […]
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