A Guide for a More Natural and Sustainable Beauty Routine

A Guide for a More Natural and Sustainable Beauty Routine

Sustainability is something that most people are striving for these days, whether it’s through food, lifestyle practices, or the way you get around. Your beauty routine is also something that can take up a lot of time and effort on a daily basis, with the power to impact the environment and world around you on a great scale. That’s why adjusting your beauty routine is a great step for sustainability if you explore the right steps and products. Here’s what you can do.

Research Eco-Friendly Brands

One of the best ways to ensure you’re sourcing more natural products and practices is to go directly to the source. Find a reliable brand that focuses on plant-based, natural beauty products so that you always know where to shop for your beauty items. Eco-friendly brands usually also introduce more sustainable practices beyond the products themselves, such as more sustainable packaging.

Go Package-Free Wherever Possible

If you like to go out and buy your beauty products from stores, then a good first step is taking your own reusable bags so that you can ditch excess packaging. Some brands, when ordering, may also give you the option of avoiding any excessive packaging. Or, when browsing in-store, you can opt for items that have plastic-free packaging or fully recyclable packaging.

Introduce CBD Products into Your Routine

There are many plant-based, natural products for skincare and beauty routines, and many brands, like reHemp, which focus on CBD products for beauty. If you introduce more of these into your routine, whether it’s makeup, moisturizers, or balms, then you can enjoy more natural ingredients which have the potential to be better for your skin, as well as better for the environment.

Recycle or Reuse Your Product Packaging/Containers

When you can’t avoid certain packaging for your beauty items, there are still ways you can avoid excess waste. You may want to reuse jars, containers, or bottles for other household items or storage, or some brands may even offer a recycling scheme where you can return jars to be refilled with your chosen beauty product.

Avoid Face Wipes

Face wipes are often a popular choice for quick and easy makeup removal, but they’re extremely bad for the planet. That’s due to the length of time that they take to decompose. Face wipes also have the potential to imbalance your skin, meaning they’re not the best options for a sustainable or healthy skincare practice. Instead, try a natural balm or makeup removal product that you can apply with a washable cloth to avoid excess waste while also harnessing the power of natural products.

Make Your Own Products

There are lots of homemade items you can explore with products you can buy or may already have around the house. You can use natural oils to create your own shampoo, fragrances, and more. Homemade skincare could be achieved by ingredients like lemon or coconut oil, so it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research into what you can create yourself through natural items.


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