A Crackdown on Medical Marijuana

red and blue flashing lights of the police car at the checkpoint in the city

A major development happened this week when it came to marijuana legalization. Sean Spicer stated during a press conference that the U.S. was going to get tougher on marijuana again, and later in the week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said: I believe it’s an unhealthy practice, and current levels of THC in marijuana are very high compared to what they were a few years ago, and we’re seeing real violence around that.

Both of these indicated an administration that not only is against the further legalization of marijuana, but still believes much of the “voodoo” science around it ( particularly with the idea of marijuana making people more violent).

On the same day as Spicer’s announcement, the Trump administration rescinded one of Obama’s orders to eliminate and scale-back private prisons. The result? Stocks in private prisons ( particularly the two leading companies) soared.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to connect the dots, and see that these private prison owners may suddenly be excited at the prospects of keeping their prisons full.

Granted, none of these actions have resulted in specific policy against marijuana legalization, but it’s easy to see the dominoes lining up for an administration that will do everything in its power to slow the legalization of medical marijuana. While Sean Spicer stated that the administration believes in the need for medical marijuana ( but not recreational) it’s hard for us to believe that any sudden crackdown on marijuana users will not affect those who use it for medical purposes.

This administration continues to push the idea that they will enforce “law and order”, and while that covers a great many things, drug laws ( with marijuana in particular) definitely fall under that purview.

Only time will tell what will happen, but we will comment on any more developments coming out of the White House.






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