6 Tips for Consuming Medicinal Cannabis Discreetly

6 Tips for Consuming Medicinal Cannabis Discreetly

More people use medicinal cannabis today than ever before. And although there is a growing acceptance surrounding the herb, it’s still essential for smokers to practice social responsibility. Not everyone appreciates the smell of herb, and it’s important to keep cannabis away from children at all costs. Whether you are in a public space or in the privacy of your home shared with roommates, being discreet with medicinal use is a top priority. 

Are you ready to learn how to consume medicinal cannabis discreetly? Here are six tips for a sensible smoker. 

Change your consumption method 

Even when consuming herbs in the privacy of your home, it’s important to remain discreet. The most significant factor to convert consumption is the method in which you use the medicinal herb. Smoking flower produces thick smoke that can linger in a room for hours. Instead, opt for an odorless method like edibles. Between infused chocolates and refreshing drinks, a wide variety of edibles provide a satisfying experience without a scent trace. 

For those who prefer to inhale their herb, a dab rig is a smart choice. Medicinal concentrates are potent yet mild when it comes to smell. Invest in a mini dab rig, like those from MJ Arsenal (https://mjarsenal.com/) that can be discreetly stored in your home. 

Choose a ventilated space 

When you choose to smoke medicinal herbs, make sure to do so in a room with adequate airflow. Without ventilation, the thick aroma of cannabis becomes stifling and sticks to clothing, furniture, and curtains. At the very least, infusing an enclosed space with smoke is terrible manners for those with roommates. In extreme cases, the smell is overwhelming to sensitive groups, especially those with asthma or other respiratory conditions. 

Light candles 

If you consume medicinal herbs indoors, you should always keep a candle or two at hand. Opt for odor-eliminating candles that go a step beyond masking the smell of cannabis. Light the candle before you smoke for the best results, and leave it burning for 30 minutes once you’re done. 

Use a sploof 

Spoofs are smoke-trapping devices that completely eliminate the odor of cannabis. Built-in air filters absorb smoke, aroma, and pollutants of herb for a discreet experience. Sploofs are particularly helpful for those who prefer to inhale their medicinal cannabis. Simply exhale smoke into the proper chamber and let the sploof do the rest. 

Clean up after 

After you smoke herb, make sure to clean the space, especially if you have been indoors. Keep a sanitizer in the room and wipe down surfaces that may have ash or herb remnants. Don’t forget to brush your teeth and change clothing as well, as there may be a lingering smell on the fabric. 

Limit your consumption

The best way to practice discreet consumption is to avoid overdoing it. Limiting your herb use prevents your home from smelling like cannabis and reduces the risk of offending those that don’t prescribe to the habit. 

Final thoughts 

Being discrete in your medicinal herb consumption allows you to keep an odor-free living space. Additionally, practicing discretion promotes healthy relationships when co-existing with non-smokers and children. Above all else, smokers should aim to be socially considerate when in public spaces.


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