5 Tips to using medical cannabis for a chronic illness

5 Tips to using medical cannabis for a chronic illness

Medical marijuana has been revolutionary for treating chronic diseases. This has seen the support of medical marijuana rise especially with its legalization. Medical Marijuana is not the marijuana which you can easily find on the street. This is a controlled substance which you will find from a licensed dealer. Medical Marijuana comes with two active chemicals which are known to treat a wide range of chronic diseases. These are some of the ways that Sky Medical Cannabis can help you deal with chronic diseases.

  1.    Follow the prescription

Medical Marijuana is no different than any other kind of medication. All medication comes with a set prescription that one has to follow. The same case applies to medical Marijuana where one needs to follow the prescription. The reason as to why prescriptions are set is because this is the amount that the body can handle.  The other reason as to why one need to follow prescription is because this is the only way that one can be assured that the dosage they are taking is effective.

  1.    Start low

The other basic tip which one needs to know when taking medical marijuana is that you have to start slow. This is because different people have different reaction. This is why everyone needs to start on a very low dosage. This is because by starting low one can be able to handle the different reaction.  In taking medical marijuana you should also go slowly, this is by giving the dosage adequate time before taking another dosage.

  1.    Administration

There are many ways that you can take medical marijuana and the different administration methods have their own advantage and disadvantage. The most effective mode of inhalation, the reason as to why this method is effective is because one is able to adjust the dosage. Inhalation allows for almost an immediate effect. This is because it goes directly into the lung and into the bloodstream.

  1.    Test Varieties

The other equally important tip to using medical marijuana is that you have to test different varieties. The reason for this is to determine which one has that unique effect.  The best way that one can use to test out the effects is through smoking.  This is because smoking is the easiest and the cheapest option that one can use with medical marijuana. One needs to take adequate interval between testing to better gauge the effect of one over the other.

  1. Consult the Doctor

The fact that medical Marijuana is easily available makes people self-medicate.  There are many online sources which are good but it’s important to understand that each case of chronic illness is different. However this is not advisable. This is because before you begin to taking medical marijuana it’s important to talk your doctor. This is because a qualified doctor will be able to help you choose the right kind of medical marijuana for your chronic illness. The doctor will also be able to carry out tests to determine which the best dosage would be.


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