5 Tips To Buying Vaporizers Wholesale

5 Tips To Buying Vaporizers Wholesale

Vaporizers have become incredibly popular within the last few years. This has been attributed to the improved technology and the accessibility of these devices. Vaporizers are also considered the healthier alternative to the traditional tobacco smoking.

As an entrepreneur, purchasing vaporizers in wholesale for your store can seem like a daunting task. This is because there are hundreds of wholesale companies in the market today, some of which are unscrupulous and sell very low-quality products. Whom do you choose to do business with? What should you avoid?

Here are 5 tips to buying vaporizers wholesale.

1. Look For Competitive Pricing

When buying vaporizers in wholesale, take advantage of opportunities to buy at very low prices. Ideally, huge quantities will have a lower price per unit. Check the shipping and the import tax as well. Some wholesale companies will provide shipping for free, whereas for others, you will need to pay a significant amount in import tax.

Sometimes the import tax is not indicated on the order and you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Ensure that you confirm all the pricing details before considering a wholesaler to do business with.

2. Tested Quality

It is important to buy vaporizers whose quality and performance has been tested and assessed by vaping experts. As an entrepreneur, the last thing you need is all your customers returning products because they are faulty or do not meet certain quality standards.

Only buy vaporizers from wholesalers who can guarantee product quality. Your preferred wholesaler should ensure that the products they stock are rigorously tested and quality assured. Always set your own standards of quality; be prepared to do your own product testing on new vaporizers before introducing them to your customers.

3. Open For Business Anytime, Anywhere

When buying vaporizers wholesale, look for a supplier with online ordering capabilities. Does your preferred wholesaler run an e-commerce portal? A wholesale portal allows to conveniently make your order at any time of day or night. You can also check the current wholesale prices from the portal and buy when the prices are most favorable.

4. Helpful Customer Service

Work with a supplier who provides outstanding customer service. A wholesaler offering helpful customer support will give you the confidence of knowing that the products you are offering are compliant. Their return policy and expert product knowledge should be top notch. In the event there is a delay in the delivery time, your wholesaler should provide a quick solution in order to make the process as painless and stress-free as possible.

5. No Minimum Orders

Probably the most important tip to remember when buying vaporizers wholesale is the minimum order requirement. A good wholesaler should give you the best service regardless of the size of your order. Look for a wholesaler with no minimum orders and never runs out of stock. Also, your preferred wholesale distribution supplier should have the capacity to supply your needs in a timely manner.


There you go. 5 tips to buying vaporizers wholesale. Looking for a wholesaler to distribute products to your store at unbeatable prices? Magic Vaporizers are Europe’s best vaporizers shop. Sign up today, place your first vaporizer wholesale order and take advantage of the great discounts on offer.


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