5 Tips to buying the best cbd oils

5 Tips to buying the best cbd oils

The medicinal cannabis industry is growing at a fast rate. Most of the CBD oils available are not bad, and this can make it difficult for you to choose the right oil for you. There are more CBD products to choose from as the industry expands. If you are a medicinal cannabis user or looking to boost your health, here are five tips to buying the best CBD oil.

  1. Choose a Suitable Concentration of CBD. Most of the CBD oil products come in dropper bottles or capsules form. The concentration differs from one product to another, and this can confuse the consumer. You can check the package to find the amount of CBD they contain per bottle or capsule. Some list the amount in milligrams (mg) such as 500mg or 250mg. Others specify the concentration as a percentage such as 4% or 10% cannabidiol (CBD). Higher doses of CBD have more pronounced effects compared to low doses. If you are a beginner, you should start with a low concentration. Begin with products marked low to moderate dosage, then work your way up to more concentrated dosage. Observe the effects over a few weeks, and then make the necessary adjustment. Increase your dosage until you find the desired effects. Once these effects set in, you have found the best concentration for you.
  2. Cost per Dose. Highly concentrated products are more expensive than the lower dosage. However, the highly concentrated doses offer a higher value over the life of the product. Once you have established the best dose for you, determine whether switching to a higher concentration will save you money. For example, a 500mg bottle may cost you less than buying two 250mg bottles.
  3. Type of CBD Oil. There are two main types of CBD oils: full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. These types are made from near-pure CBD isolate or crystals, and full-spectrum oils. The latter contains other active compounds. Pure CBD isolate is recommended for non-psychoactive cannabis therapy. However, recent studies have shown that full-spectrum oils provide a host of additional benefits not found in isolates. Often, full-spectrum oils have other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBL, and substances like flavonoids. These compounds work in synergy with CBD through a process known as the “entourage effect.” Both types have benefits, and it is up to you to choose the one you want. You can check the kind of CBD oil on the manufacturers’ product page.
  4. Capsules or Sublingual? The delivery method is as important as the concentration. Most CBD oils are available in dropper bottle form, allowing sublingual delivery. Tablets provide a discreet and controlled administration of CBD doses. Other people use vaporizers to inhale their CBD.  Look for the best delivery way that works for you.
  5. Extraction Method. There are various ways to extract CBD oils from the cannabis plant. Different methods produce different purity and quality levels of the final product. The best CBD oils are created through supercritical CO2 extraction. Carbon dioxide under high pressure isolates, preserves, and maintains the purity of the CBD. The process is expensive to run, resulting in costly products.

Before buying CBD oils, search for different companies and their offerings. Do not settle on the lowest price and always buy from trusted sources.


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