5 High-End Wax Pens for an Ultimate Vaping Experience

5 High-End Wax Pens for an Ultimate Vaping Experience

Compared to the old-fashioned ways of consuming cannabis, vaporizers allow you to reap its maximum benefits. All thanks to the superior technology that effectively draws out only the potent part of the plant. Since they are efficient at what they do, vapes have quickly conquered the hearts of millions, resulting in a sudden increase in popularity over the past few years. Out of the sheer number of products available in the market, we have hand-picked some high-end devices that we believe will surely give you a huge bang.

1)     Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber Ghost reeks of quality, featuring a sleek design and smart technology. With a single click, you can activate the device and start having the time of your life with its cutting-edge coil system. The titanium coils make sure you get a flavorful and smooth hit every time you puff.

With increasing rumors of vape malfunctioning, the manufacturers are aiming to make the technology safer. Thus, this device comes with a 5-click lock option to prevent any accidents. No matter how rigorously you are moving around, it won’t let off the plumes.


  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Titanium atomizer
  • Battery life: 200 to 300 draws
  • Prep time: 5 seconds
  • 5-click lock system
  • Recharge time: 2 hours

2)     Cloud V Platinum Vaporizer

Cloud V is a winsome product that has won awards for being the “Best Product” of the year. The reason it is praised so highly is that it is jam-packed with high-end features such as an ultra-modern lightning atomizer that makes sure the wax is heated to perfection.

What’s more, battery life has considerably improved, and you can expect no less than 24 to 48 hours of use, which is incredible for a pen vaporizer. A lot of design improvements can also be seen, for instance, a small ceramic bowl, a more functional mouthpiece, and a more secure cartridge.


  • Slim design
  • Clear window
  • Ceramic chamber
  • Long-lasting battery

3)     KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer

The brand is known for its truly innovative and revolutionary vape products. KandyPens Galaxy is the testimony of the quality the brand aims for. It is packed with a quartz crystal atomizer that ensures the vapor quality is not only consistent but also top-notch — not to mention, it features dual titanium coils for the most delicious and purest experience.

With a 5-second fast heat-up system, it will always be ready to serve you. Just draw the device out and start puffing right away. A great solution for instant cravings that don’t wait for anything.


  • 510 threading
  • Dual titanium coils
  • Temperature options: 350 °F, 390 °F, 430 °F
  • Leak-proof construction
  • Quartz atomizer

4)     Puffco Plus Vaporizer

It is an amazing performer when it comes to giving out intense but flavorsome clouds. Every feature contributes to providing the fruitful end-result — the ceramic heating chamber evenly distributes heat on the plant matter and gives rise to smooth vapors. The enhanced airflow system retains the potency from the chamber to your lips. 

At first glance, it may not look much as it doesn’t have any flashy design or displays. However, even in simplicity, you cannot stop yourself from appreciating the elegant design.  

Moreover, it is outfitted with three variable temperature settings, providing you enough flexibility to personalize your experience according to your varying mood.


  • Highly efficient mouthpiece
  • SESH mode function
  • Coil-less ceramic bowl
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Three heat settings

5)     Yocan Evolve Plus

Being inherently lighter, Yocan Evolve Plus is an incredible candidate for on-the-go vaping sessions. The construction is ultra-compact, and the device can easily fit inside your pocket. It isn’t the portability that makes Evolve Plus a popular option, but also the impressive vapor quality and performance. That is exactly what we expect from something that is embedded with dual quartz coils and a ceramic chamber. On the whole, it works great and has an easy to operate system, making it an ideal choice for all types of users. Our site has put these wax pens for sale at affordable prices, allowing you to reap the benefits of a high-end device at a cheap rate.


  • Dual quartz coils
  • Straightforward design
  • Ceramic heating chamber
  • built-in wax storage compartment
  • Battery power: 1100mAh
  • Micro-USB charging


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