4 Biggest Trends in Modern Cannabis

4 Biggest Trends in Modern Cannabis

4 Biggest Trends in Modern Cannabis

If there is an industry that is moving like lightning is the cannabis industry. New trends keep coming up every now and then. New ones are born as the old ones die. It would be right to say that the recent trends this year are lit! A few studies have been done and they have proven that marijuana has some extracts such as cannabidiol that is used as a remedy for inflammation, chronic pains, mood disorders and some modern ills. Now let’s look at some of the biggest trends in modern cannabis that we have compiled in this article, shall we?

1. Artisanal Products

These products have procured their adhesion in the world of craft beer. Therefore, why not in the cannabis world too? Companies are now accepting the unique marijuana products. Some of the artisanal producers have even made their way to the largest markets such as California and gained fame. This does not seem to end anytime soon.

The following are the two best artisanal producers making it in the cannabis world.

  • Flow Kana

This is a company in the suburbs of California Mendocino Valley that mainly deals with cannabis strains that can be sustained. The cannabis is grown in small batches. The company allows the small scale farmers to access cannabis of good quality that is grown outdoors.

  • Herba Buena

This cannabis producer is famously known because of its curated tinctures. It also has products that convert craft-style to cannabis that is medicinal. The products are sun grown. It makes use of organic and biodynamic cannabis to make these products. Better yet, it offers wine tastings which allows people to experience various products of cannabis products and strains using “sansameliers.”

  • Bloom Farms

This marijuana company produces cannabis products that are residue free. Wondering how they do that? When extracting the cannabis oil products, they do not use any solvents. Patients therefore, get clean products since the products go through lab testing.

2. Cannabis Industry is Now Professional!

The industry is getting better, from being in the grey zone to entering in the mainstream. It does not need to hide anymore since, it is getting enough support. People are leaving there executive jobs to join the industry. For instance, Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson left their tech jobs in Silicon Valley to join the industry. They are now the founders of Firefly Vaporizers, one of the most high end vaporizers in the market. There are other companies such as Vaporfi, producing stylish products such as vaporizers for dry herb. This trend will last for long since the industry is enlarging to new markets.

3. Sports are Embracing Marijuana Use

This is happening especially with the athletes recommending for marijuana since it helps in the recovering from injuries and chronic pains that are brought by sports activities. Even footballers like Ronda Rousey and Rick Williams, who is a footballer, are suggesting that marijuana testing should be stopped and players should be allowed to use it as medicine. One of the few reasons why most players recommend for the legalization of marijuana medication is, opioid epidemic since when they get injuries they are mostly given opioids even during surgeries.

4. Luxury Products of Cannabis

These products give marijuana users a great experience more than just a dose of it. They are gaining popularity in the market as well. For example, Defonce Chocolatier Company has luxury chocolate bars. They are medicated with cannabis of great quality. They are of all flavors from vanilla to mint, hazelnut and mint. Kioko Teas on the other hand, is a per-order company that produces cannabis teas of all flavors such as positive, for mood disorders, sensuali for libido, synpa for pains and tranquil for sleep disorders.. The teas are made for traditional medications.

In cessation, we now see more marijuana on our television shows being portrayed as a product for medicine. People in the sports world are embracing it too. We see footballers and athletes advocating for it. It is being used to make products even for glassware and vaporizer pens. Some of these products are made with utility as the main goal but they then turn out to be styles. All of these trends are helping to do away with the old mentalities and taboos. People are now able to see marijuana as a beneficial product and even use it!


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