3 Ways to Take CBD

3 Ways to Take CBD

CBD is an incredibly versatile substance that can help people in a variety of ways; how it helps you and what it does will depend on your circumstances and what you need it for, but studies are ongoing all the time into this fascinating subject.

If you choose to take CBD, there are several different ways it can be taken, and again this will depend on your own particular preferences. We’ve outlined what some of the different ways might be so you can see which way appeals to you the most.


When it comes to CBD oil, the most common way to take it if you want to do this is sublingually. This literally means ‘under the tongue’, and this is exactly what happens; you place a drop of CBD oil underneath your tongue and allow it to get to work. By doing this, the oil can get directly to the bloodstream through the thin membrane under the tongue, so it is quick and effective.

This is a common way of using CBD since it is easy, quick, and effective. It doesn’t need any specialist equipment, and there is plenty of information at https://www.bloomandoil.com/ about this method and the benefits it could have for you. The best piece of advice if you choose to take CBD oil in this way is to have some water nearby to wash away the taste, as you may not find it very pleasant.

Oral Ingestion

Perhaps the second most common and well-known way to take CBD oil is to ingest it orally. Essentially, this means swallowing the oil rather than letting it sit under the tongue to be absorbed by the body. You might prefer this method if you are unable to hold your tongue still for a short length of time because it’s unpleasant or uncomfortable, for example. Of course, the taste could put people off doing this, but you could add the oil to a drink and swallow it quickly, or even look at using CBD capsules or gummies instead.

Although some people do prefer swallowing CBD rather than placing it under the tongue, this method will take longer to start working, so if you’re looking for something that will ease your pain or anxiety and lower your stress levels more quickly, this method may not be the most appropriate.

Subdermal Application

The final method to discuss is subdermal application. This means putting the CBD oil onto the skin and allowing it to be absorbed. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, this can be an excellent way to use CBD, especially if you use it topically in the area that most needs it. The body’s own endocannabinoid receptors are under the skin and will easily absorb and use the additional CBD you are applying.

Again, this is a potentially slower method than sublingual use, and it can take as much as 45 minutes to start working and for you to feel the effects. If you are using this method, make sure you clean the skin on the area you are applying the CBD to and rub the oil in as much as you can. Ideally, you should apply the CBD after a shower or bath because the pores in your skin will be open and the oil can be absorbed more quickly.


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